How to Spray Paint A BMX Bike in Just 5 Easy Steps and Look Like a Pro!

How to Spray Paint A BMX Bike

One day, you come out of home and suddenly notice your friend surprises you with his new BMX bike. It has such an alluring color and vibrant paint. You sigh! You wish to have such beautiful color paint on your bike.

Does this mean you need to spend $350 to buy a new BMX bike? How about painting your BMX bike body and providing it a wholly new look? Apart from saving money, you can customize it accordingly.

But following the correct approach is important. Here I will get into an in-depth discussion on how to spray paint a BMX bike step-by-step. Let’s dive without further delay!

Can You Spray Paint Your Bike for a New Look?

Spraying paint on your bike is possible. However, following the right approach is important. Painting a BMX frame may appear simple. But that doesn’t mean you will randomly spay any cheap spray paint.

First, you want to prepare the BMX bike body by sanding and applying a good primer. This will ensure a better adhesion after applying the paint. So, you will get a precise result and finish.

Why Should You Spray Paint Your BMX Bike?

Here are the top 4 reasons that persuade you to custom paint BMX bikes.

a) Easy To Use

Spray painting is pretty simple to use on BMX bikes. You just need to know the proper technique of spray paints and follow a sequence manner for painting.

b) Highly Customizable

A lot of BMX spray paint ideas are easy to get on the internet. You can follow them to give your bike a unique BMX color design.

c) Budget-friendly

It requires a decent amount of money to spray paint your bike professionally from a shop. But doing it on your own will save you money. Just do it in the right way.

d) New Appearance

BMX bikes are likely to become old over time. But an easy bicycle painting can give it a complete look like a brand new BMX bike.

Is It Hard to Spray Paint A Bike?

A significant difference exists between a DIY BMX frame paint and professional work. After all, it requires professional skills to spray paint on a bike frame to get an even finish that will last for a prolonged time.

Achieving a quality finish on the cycle frame gives it a valuable appearance. But if you are already used to applying spray paints on different surfaces and know the right spraying technique, you can do it yourself.

Though your BMX bike spray paint designs won’t be as good as professional ones, they are cost-effective and give you enough customizing options as per your need.

Do You Need Primer To Paint A Bike?

If the factory paint is still available on your BMX bike frame, and you have properly prepared the bike frame, using a primer is not mandatory.

But when you expose the BMX bike frame to the outside environment after sanding, it is necessary to use primer for the while bike frame.

Otherwise, there is a risk of peeling off issues, especially humid weather. Also, you will struggle to clean the bike surface because of the improper adhesion of the paint.

Can You Spray Paint A Bike without Sanding It?

You can spray paint a bike without sanding it, but it is not recommended. Sanding smooths out the paint and prevents bumps and irregularities. It will also give the bike a more finished appearance. After that, if you want to do this, use a primer first. The primer will help the paint stick to the bike and make it last longer.

5 Essential Info You Need to Know Before Painting Your BMX Bike

Have you ever wondered how to spray paint a BMX bike frame? Check out these key points before painting your BMX bike.

a) Compatible Spray Paints

Choosing the right type and color spray paints is essential to prevent having an odd look. So, before choosing paint, make sure it is compatible with your bike. Check out this article to find the best spray paint for BMX.

b) Selecting The Appropriate Place

Choosing an ideal place for painting your BMX bike is necessary. An outdoor place appears a better choice. But make sure the area is free from dust.

Otherwise, they will sit on the spray paint and create an uneven finish. You can choose an indoor place if it is well-ventilated.

c) Setting Up Your Work Station

It takes some additional elbow grease to paint your BMX while holding it with your hands. Hanging the frame from a rafter or any supportive tool will make the painting job easily without touching the paint.

d) Using A High-quality Primer

A high-quality primer will create a protective layer on your bike frame. This will ensure a long-lasting result with minimal peeling off issues.

e) Enough Drying and Curing Time

Applying multiple layers of spray paints is necessary for precise and even results. Make sure to give enough drying and curing time between several coatings.

The Tools to Help You Succeed

spray painted bmx bikes tool

It is important to get all the tools and items you need before starting your painting project. So, you won’t have to move unnecessarily and lose concentration. Here are the common items that are necessary.

NO.Items Name
1Sandpapers (better grit is preferable)
2Spray paints (your preferred color)
3A high-quality primer
5Ratchet with different attachments
6Allen wrenches of various sizes
7Rope or looping wire or wall-mount rack

How to Spray Paint A BMX Bike Perfectly: A Step by Step Guide

So, here comes the main part. Spraying paint on a BMX bike requires following a step-by-step approach to getting the best result. Below is the right procedure to go through if you wonder how to paint a BMX bike.

Step: 1 — Dissembling

First, you need to disassemble your BMX bike. This will prevent paint from reaching unnecessary areas where you don’t want to paint.

bmx bike body dissembling

Alternatively, you can use paper towels or similar items to protect the parts that don’t require painting. But taking apart the unnecessary appears a better choice.

To make this task quick and easy, use a screwdriver or allen wrench.

Step: 2 — Proper Sanding

Now, you need to sand the BMX bike frame to remove all the old paintings. Applying new paint on the old paint won’t give a precise result because the old finish will appear through the new finish. This will make them odd.

At first, use medium-grit sandpaper to remove all the old paint. Then, use super fine-grit sandpaper to make its metal frame as smooth as it seems important.

sanding a bike frame

Avoid over-pressuring. You may make the metal surface rough. Follow a consistent direction while sanding. Sand all the paintable metal frame parts as much as possible to make them smooth and remove the old finish.

Step: 3 — Priming The BMX Bike

It is a good rule of thumb to prime your BMX Bike frame before using the spray paint. Choose a primer that dries fast and bonds pretty effectively.

Avoid priming too thick a coat. Otherwise, it won’t sag properly. Make sure to choose a neutral or white color for priming. It should not be visible after painting.

Step: 4 — Prepare The Bike Frame

Now, hang the bike frame by looping wire or rope through the head tube or mount the frame on a table or wall with a clamp or wall-mount rack.

bmx frame paint

If your BMX bike has any special design or logo, add a stencil to the area. This will protect the logo and spray paint on the surrounding areas easily.

Step: 5 — Spray Painting The BMX Bike

Apply a thin coat instead of applying heavy. Avoid trying to cover all the areas at the first attempt.

Otherwise, you will get an uneven finish. After applying one thin coat, wait around 45 minutes to let the first coat dry properly.

Then, apply the second coating. If you think the paint metal surface needs additional coating, you can add another one by following the same steps. Otherwise, later you may need to fix dusty spray paint.

Finally, use a coat of lacquer to seal in the paint and have a smooth finish or appearance.

best spray paint for bmx bike

How to Prepare the Bike After Spray Painting?

After spray painting on the metal surface several times, you can take it to the outside area like your garden or backyard to dry it properly. Or, hanging the metal frame on a tree branch also appears okay too.

But make sure to alter the side so that all frames can get a sufficient amount of sunlight. Also, don’t allow dust to sit on the new paint until it properly cures. Otherwise, the finish may not look as smooth as it should be.

After drying, use a ratchet to reassemble the bike.

bicycle spray paint

How Long Does It Take to Spray Paint A Bike?

It generally requires one or two days to complete spray painting on a BMX bike. The duration period depends on your working efficiency and speed.

But I recommend not rushing for anything. Take enough time to prepare the BMX bike frame and spray paint evenly in all areas.

After applying the spray paint, don’t forget to let it cure properly. Waiting for several days might be necessary before finally riding it.

The Benefits of Painting Your Bike with Spray Paint

Why should you spray paint your BMX bike instead of a brush or normal paint? It has several benefits.

i) Professional Finish

Compared to brush painting, spray painting is better for BMX bikes to get a professional finish. In fact, many DIY brush paintings may look like trash and chip off easily if any stiff breeze comes. It often leaves brush marks.

ii) Quick Drying

Spray paints can cover more space if you apply them correctly. Also, it dries quickly, saving time for your entire painting project. You can apply several layers of paint within a short period.

iii) Each Access to Hard-to-reach Areas

Some areas of a BMX bike are slightly difficult to reach using brush paints. But spray paints allow you to conveniently paint on many hard-to-reach spots and apply the paint evenly without facing difficulty.

How to Ensure the Best Results for Greater Performance: Follow These Tips

So, you have already learned how to paint BMX frame. But remembering some effective tips can help you to get precise results.

1. Practice Several Times

Are you spraying paint on your BMX bike for the first time? Don’t start your new experience on the bike frame.

Instead, take some cheap metal frame, and spray paint on it several times. Check your painting direction and the finish you achieve.

2. Maintaining the Right Distance

It is crucial to maintain a perfect distance while spraying the paint. Generally, the gap can be anywhere from one to four-inch depending on the spray painting speed.

But compared to other objects, spray paint on BMX bikes may require holding a little bit close for better results. Apply the paint consistently at a steady pace.

3. Choosing A Perfect Weather

Choosing perfect sunny weather is ideal for spray painting on a BMX bike. The weather should be dry, have a higher temperature, and reduced humidity.

4. Removing Any Rust or Corrosion

Before sanding and applying spray paint, check your bike frame condition. If it has any rust or corrosion, you can use a chemical spray.

Wait for several minutes. Then wipe the entire frame using a fresh towel to remove all rust and corrosion. Apply the chemical another time if any residues are there.

5. Use Painter’s Tape to Avoid Over-spraying

When spray painting a bike, painter’s tape can be a valuable tool in achieving a clean and professional finish. Tape can be used to cover and protect specific areas of the bike that you do not want to be painted. This includes the tires, brakes, and any decals or logos. This helps prevent overspraying, which can result in drips, smudges, and uneven coverage. Simply tape down the desired areas before spray painting. Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the tape to reveal a clean edge and a polished finish on your bike.


Can You Spray Paint A Bike Without Taking It Apart?

Though you can spray paint a bike without taking it apart, dissembling makes the painting job easy. You can reach tricky areas more easily. If you don’t want to take it apart, use paper towels to cover the unwanted painting areas.

Do You Have to Sand A BMX Before Painting?

You have to sand a BMX bike before painting to remove the old paint and make the metal surface smoother. The new paint won’t adhere well on the surface and peel off quickly without sanding.

Can You Use Different Brands of Spray Paint on A Bike?

It is better to avoid using several brands of spray paint on a bike at a time. The painted surface may react differently due to formula variation. So, you may fail to get a perfect finish, and the final result may look imbalanced.

How Much Spray Paint Do I Need for A BMX Bike?

Generally, you will need 2-3 cans of spray paint for painting the entire metal area of a BMX bike. But if you have the right painting skills, you can get the job done with one 400mL can of paint.

What Color of Paint Can I Use on A BMX frame?

White, black, and green are some of the most popular colors to use on BMX frames.

Final Thought

Spray painting on a BMX bike is not rocket science that you will need months of training. Following the similar method as you paint in other objects won’t cause any issues. But bike’s metal frames are a little narrow-type, so maintaining the consistency while painting is crucial.

You may waste some paint when applying it for the first time. So, keeping additional cans is better. Hopefully, you have learned how to paint your BMX bike. Make sure to stick to steps sequentially without skipping them.