4 Best Spray Can Handle: Which Is Worthwhile to Use

Best Spray Can Handle

Do you regularly work on various spray painting projects? Don’t your hands feel tired after working for hours? What is the solution? You can use a spray paint can handle to reduce your fingers fatigue issues. Your fingers will feel comfortable while spraying continuously.

However, choosing the best spray can handle takes some consideration. Randomly getting any option may prevent you from getting the best bang. Read this post to find a reliable quality spray can trigger handle and figure out why you should use it.

Can You Use Spray Paint with Triggers?

Spray paint can handle is a little attachment that goes on top of a standard type spray can. It can also go on top of the older style nozzles.

A trigger for spray paint can is pretty straightforward. You pull the trigger, and the thing in the middle comes down. It pushes on the spray can. Pretty simple concept and they are really easy to attach!

Hence, spray paints work with most triggers. But avoid using it with any spray paints, which caps can’t be replaced. This spray paint will cause paint clogging issues.

Why do You Need to Use Spray Can Handle?

What are the primary reasons to use a trigger handle for spray paint can when normally using the spray paint is possible? Some people experience spitting issues while spray painting which can be pretty irritating without any doubt.

This mainly happens because cans are pushing over the top with your finger. It is a more common scenario on older-style spray paint cans.

A good number of people start coming over the top. As their fingers get tired and they spit the paint because it hits their fingers, and they end up stippling all over the place.

Avoiding this issue is possible by getting a good quality aerosol can trigger. The whole point of these things isn’t really to make you more accurate. It’s not to make you spray better.

Instead, it’s just to make spraying easier. Making the pulling task on the trigger simple is what this small tool does. You can use two fingers as opposed to pushing on top of the can always.

What Are the Different Types of Spray Paint Handles?

Spray paint triggers generally come in a standard type. They have mainly a gun-like appearance. Most paint handles have the same working system.

Plus, they have a universal fit. You can use a single spray paint trigger handle for all spray paint cans. Using separate and different triggers is not necessary.

But they come in different colors. The only difference among them is the head of the triggers from where the paint comes out.

Some of these heads are fully rounded, while a few have a slightly square shape. So, if the quality is ensured, getting any spray paint can holder pistol trigger is completely okay.

Which Type of Handle Will Suit Your Project?

Since a handle for spray paint can come with one standard type and universal fit, it can be used on any type of painting project, such as painting a guitar, car, bike, boat, fiberglass, or even some DIY projects.

However, it is better to choose a wide-shaped head for the handle so that paints can come out fully without any disruptions. This will be extra beneficial if you work on large projects.

Apart from saving your working time, it will ensure a continuous paint flow. Other than these, no differences existed among all spray paint can handles.

Which Is the Most Reliable Brand for Spray Can Handle?

We often rely on top-rated brands when choosing high-quality products. And the same goes for selecting a good-quality spray handle for spray paint can.

If the spray paint trigger is functional, long-lasting, and easy to use, you can choose any random brand. However, getting a spray paint handle from a spray paint brand appears more realistic.

After all, these renowned brands study a lot before making a new product. More importantly, they make the products compatible and function with spray paint cans.

Rustoleum and Krylon are two popular brands that have already introduced several spray handles for spray paint can. If you are a long-term user of either brand, you can purchase from them.

Apart from that, SafeWorld International, TCP Global Store, etc., also sell spray can handles. Though they are not highly popular, their product quality is good enough to use.

4 Best Spray Paint Handles to Help You Paint Like A Pro!

Looking for the best spray can trigger? Many options come on the table. But does each option is well worth considering? After in-depth market research and verified user reviews, I have chosen four top-quality spray can handles. Let’s know them one by one.

1. Krylon K07091000 Snap and Spray Can Handle

Wondering how to paint like a real painter? Krylon K07091000 snap might be your best spray can trigger handle due to the precise control.

Krylon K07091000 Snap and Spray Can Handle

Practical Design

This special spray paint can trigger comes with a practical design for easy use which also works as a professional spray gun.

Lightweight Construction

A weighty spray can gun handle will add extra weights, adding more hand fatigue issues. Thankfully, the unit has super lightweight construction, weighing only 50 grams.

Better Efficiency

Want to improve your spraying skills? This user-friendly tool will work as the smoothest and most controlled spray to paint your preferred area. It can give professional finishes too.

Quick Installation

When working with several spray paint cans, you may need to often use the same handle on different cans. Its simple mechanism ensures quick installation and removal.

Comfortable Palm Grip

The grip is important when using any can gun spray handle. Whether you work on small, medium, or large projects, your hands will be stress-free while you are working.

What I Like
  • Smooth and controlled spraying
  • Works perfectly for all but small pieces
  • Easy to remove and attach
  • Super lightweight tool
What I don’t Like
  • Not highly durable

For Whom To Use

If you are looking for a user-friendly spray can trigger to improve your painting experience, Krylon K07091000 spray can handle appears to be a good deal.

2. Instant Aerosol Trigger Handle

If you are looking for the best alternative for slip-on trigger handles, you can’t go wrong with the Instant Aerosol Trigger Handle. Here are the top reasons.

Instant Aerosol Trigger Handle

Ergonomic Design

The unit comes with an ergonomic design to help you spray paint on different surfaces precisely. This will help you to get professional-grade finish results.

Arthritis-friendly Trigger

Most people use spray can gun to minimize finger fatigue issues. This painting tool has an arthritis-friendly trigger to relax your fingers even while working on large projects.

Precise Accuracy

Instant Aerosol is the best spray paint handle that helps you achieve a smooth finish with more accuracy on your paints. Also, it reduces the issues of paint running as much as possible.

Easy Removal and Attachment

Every second is valuable. So, you don’t want to waste time. This user-friendly item has a simple design with a clip for easy removal and attaching. You just need to squeeze it.

Universal Fit

As this best spray paint can gun is universally fit, you can easily use it with any standard spray can. Also, it is usable on many adhesives, lubricants, and cleaners.

What I Like
  • Great substitute for slip-on trigger handles
  • Arthritis-friendly trigger
  • Professional and smooth finish
  • Universal fit
What I don’t Like
  • May not work with DEFT spray cans

For Whom To Use

People searching for a versatile and easy-to-use spray paint can handle will surely like this model due to its impressive and simple mechanism.

3. Rust-Oleum 241526 Comfort Grip

Rust-Oleum is a reliable name when hunting for the best portable paint can spray gun. This Rust-Oleum 241526 offers many valuable features to stand out from the rest.

Rust-Oleum 241526 Comfort Grip

Consistent Performance

Not all spray paint handles can show consistency to spray paint continuously. Due to its super sturdy construction, it can easily withstand repetitive use without any performance drop.

Impressive Control

Large painting projects are a little tricky to handle. Thankfully, this rust-oleum comfort spray grip ensures maximum control while even using the tool in hard-to-reach areas.

Large Soft Touch Trigger

Worry about finger fatigue issues? Leave that thought! This rust-oleum professional spray paint trigger comes with a large soft-touch trigger to use paint conveniently.

Compatible Fitting

Apart from high compatibility with Rust-Oleum stops and rust spray paints, you can use it on any standard spray paint cans. It is versatile enough to use.

Improves Painting Performance

If you have arthritic hands, you may struggle to spray paints precisely. This Rustoleum spray grip is a perfect addition for older people to ease their strain and increase painting efficiency.

What I Like
  • Sturdy construction
  • Large soft touch trigger
  • Easily reduces hand strain
  • No constant overlapping
What I don’t Like
  • Slightly difficult to get on and off the can

For Whom to Use

People with arthritic issues will highly be benefitted from this Rust-oleum grip spray tool. You won’t experience any constant overlapping, reducing painting wasting issues.

4. Can-Gun1 2012 Premium Can Tool

Wondering how to get a stylish and functional spray can trigger handle? Then, look nowhere than the Can-Gun1 spray handle.

Can-Gun1 2012 Premium Can Tool Aerosol Spray

Full Grip E-Z Pull Trigger

Unlike other handles, it comes with a full grip e-z pull trigger. So, you have better accessibility for easy pulling. Your fingers can instantly touch the grip area without wasting time.

2X Leverage

Pulling the spray handle is two times easier than other products. As a result, it will take minimal effort to apply paint to your desired spot. This will make the spraying task easier.

Multiple Options

The unit is available in 2, 3, and 4 set options. Hence, if you plan to use them for professional purposes, you will save a few bucks for them together.

Comfortable Grip

Our hands are likely to feel tired when spraying paint continuously for a long time. This best spray paint can gun features a cushy-like grip to comfort your fingers while pulling it.

Simple to Attach and Use

Switching to multiple spray cans requires having a simple functionality for quick attaching and removing. This user-friendly spray handle allows you to install and detach it quickly.

What I Like
  • Better accessibility for easy pulling
  • Minimal efforts to pull
  • Several pack options
  • A cushy-like grip
What I don’t Like
  • Prone to have some paint on the fingertip

For Whom To Use

If you are going to use a can gun spray handle for the first time Can-Gun1 Aerosol Spray appears a decent choice. Its reliability and functionality make it a top choice.

6 Things to Look for When Buying a Spray-Painting Trigger

Do you think you can randomly pick spray can grip to make your spray painting task easier? It is better not to use any spray-painting trigger if you are not getting your desired results or comfort. You should never overlook some crucial factors when choosing a spray can gun.

a) Comfortable To Hold

What is the primary purpose of using a spray can trigger handle? Obviously, you want to feel comfortable while holding the tool.

It should mainly prevent your fingers from experiencing any fatigue issues even after long hours of usage. Avoid choosing any handle that does not minimize arthritis problems.

b) Simple Design

Another important point is its simplicity. Generally, a spray can trigger has a simple design for easy pulling. The handle should spray paint evenly after pressing the grip.

Some spray paint grips have a complicated design that sometimes doesn’t work consistently. This may take up your valuable time and stop you from having your preferred outcomes.

c) Grip Length

It is one of the most overlooked factors. A spray can handle must have perfect grip length. This will ensure better accessibility, so you will have improved control over spray paint.

A too-small grip will prevent you touch the pulling area naturally. Therefore, your fingers will need additional effort to touch the spot easily.

d) Easy Installation and Removal

Generally, spray can handle take a few seconds to install and remove. But some models may have better functionality to add to your spray can.

However, following the right technique to put on and get off is important. You can check out the instruction manual if the spray paint trigger has a different design.

e) Durability

Choosing a reliable trigger is important when planning to use it for a long time. It should not stop working or show blocking issues after a few usages.

It is better to get a premium version from a prominent brand. Apart from having better control over overpainting, it will ensure long-lasting durability.

What Are Some Best Practices for Spraying Cans With Trigger?

Below are a few tips you can follow to get effective painting results while using this trigger.

Using It Naturally

Does this gadget work? You may need a few times practices to get used to it. But once you learn the proper way of using spraying cans with trigger, spray paints like you do without it.

The only difference here is you are pulling the trigger instead pushing the nozzle. Following the natural style will ensure you get similar or better results with the device.

best spray paint handle

Cleaning Regularly

Cleaning the spray can handle is simple. But it is important to do this regularly. Some paint residues may get inside it. They will dry and become hard if not cleaned on time.

It won’t assist you in spraying paint precisely. You may notice a clogging issue or inconsistent paint flow in some cases.

What Are the Benefits of Having These Handles?

A common question many beginners may ask: why use spray can handles when you can use them without them. Here are some top reasons:

Prevents Fatigue Issues

If you want to use spray paint on bulky areas, you can tend to get some fatigue. It is especially common among older people. Their hands get tired. So, it does work quite well for them.

Reusable And Flexible

This small tool is easy to keep clean. You can reuse it as many times as you want. Putting them on as many cans as you want is also possible.

Affordable and Durable

Most spays can handle can easily several years. Since they come at an affordable pricing option, you can buy several packs at a time.


What Is the Best Spray Paint Handle to Use?

My top choices are Krylon, or Rust-Oleum spray cans handle because of their functionality, user-friendliness, comfort, durability, and simplicity.

How Do You Use Rustoleum Comfort Grip?

You need to first put the head of the Rustoleum handle on the spray can and attach the entire tool to it. Now, pull the grip to spray the painting evenly to cover the area.

How Far Should You Hold the Spray Can’s Trigger Handle?

Generally, you should hold the handle spray can’s trigger handle in a perfect area where you don’t need to struggle to access the grip. You should instantly use it whenever you want.

How Much Does A Spray Paint Handle Cost?

The price range of a spray paint handle can be anywhere from $8 to $20.


So, according to you, which options appear the best spray can handle? We know it is tricky to answer unless you use them all. However, I have already outlined all the important details about each spray paint handle to help you choose the best one.

If you are in a hurry, I recommend you can choose the Krylon K07091000. It can show consistent performance and impressive control over your painting. Moreover, it features a large soft-touch trigger to apply on your desired surface more comfortably with minimal effort.

You should consider the type of painting project you are going to handle. Hopefully, my review, as mentioned above, has helped you choose a decent quality spray can trigger to make your spray painting job easier and more comfortable.