7 Best Spray Paints For Fiberglass: How To Choose The Right Paint

Best Spray Paints for Fiberglass

Ever wondered whether you can use spray paints for fiberglass or not? Indeed, you can! But apart from the spray paint quality, you need to focus on how to spray on fiberglass coating.

Understanding your fiberglass material is also essential. This will help you groom the particular fiberglass surface with the best spray paint.

I will go for an in-depth analysis session on some best spray paints for fiberglass. After reading this article, you will be able to choose a good spray paint for fiberglass that won’t show any crack and peel-off issues. Let’s dive in!

Can You Paint Fiberglass with Any Paint?

Apart from wondering about “Can I spray paint on fiberglass,” you might be also want to know a suitable paint for fiberglass surfaces.

Generally, Acrylic Latex, Alkyd, Stain & Varnish, and Urethane are the few popular paints used for fiberglass.

good spray paint for fiberglass

However, spray paints are no less. I have seen surprising results for using spray paints on my fiberglass doors. An appropriate application technique is essential for the perfect adhesion of spray paint.

After applying the spray paint correctly, you can achieve a smooth, professional-looking finish on the fiberglass surface. But selecting an appropriate and high-quality spray paint is necessary to ensure no drips, runs, or sagging issues.

The Methods to Apply Paint on Fiberglass Surfaces

There are generally two methods for applying paint to fiberglass surfaces.

a) Spray Painting

Under this method, using a spray paint can or compressed-air/ pumped-pressure spray gun is necessary to spray paint on the fiberglass gel coat.

Thus, you will have to get a decent-quality spray gun and a compressor. Additionally, purchasing paint stirrers, paint filters, and some handy safety equipment is also essential.

b) Roll and Tip Method

Another method to apply spray paint on fiberglass is using roll and tip. Start with a roller and finish it with a tip. Also, you will need some other items that I use only for painting.

Which Method Is the Best?

Among these two options, spray paint is better since it can provide better and even coverage and long-lasting results. Also, it helps you quickly complete your painting project while achieving a smooth look on the fiberglass surface.

What to Look for Before Searching the Best Spray Paint Brand?

You may have a boat made with fiberglass materials or different fiberglass-based furniture at home. However, I don’t think they are all the same.

Considering their surface type and materials is crucial. Otherwise, you won’t get your preferred result.

Here are some crucial factors you need to consider before wondering about what is the best spray paint for fiberglass.


Fiberglass surfaces are nonporous. So, all spray paints are not ideal for them. It needs to be highly specialized to fulfill its particular requirement.

Plus, on what objects do you want to use it? Indoor or outdoor surfaces? Will you keep it on the water or expose it to a warm temperature for an extended period? Considering all these factors is vital since they will affect the lifespan of the paint task.

Primer Compatibility

Primers and paints are made from various chemicals. Therefore, it’s better to use the same brand for spray paints and primers because the manufacturer makes them perfect with ideal ingredients for better suitability.

If you don’t use the same brand for spray paints and primers, the finish may not be smooth or may show cracking and peeling off issues. Make sure to test both items on a small surface before beginning the painting task.


Spray paints are available in various colors to design the paint based on your preference. The color should be selected keeping in mind the background color or wall on which it is being painted.

Smooth Finish

It doesn’t matter what fiberglass surface it is; everyone wants a smooth finish. You can create an Aesthetic appearance. Just make sure to use a perfect spray-painting technique that matches the fiberglass surface.

What Is the Best Spray Paints for Fiberglass? 7 Recommendations for You

There are several spray paints that are perfect for applying to fiberglass and will hold up beautifully, but not all of them are created equal. To help you choose the right spray paint, I’ve narrowed down the field to our top five favorites based on price, durability, flexibility, and ease of application.

1. Krylon K02735007 Fusion All-In-One

It is an excellent option to consider if you are looking for a decent texture on a fiberglass surface.

Krylon Fusion All In One

Attractive Texture

Regardless of the color you choose, the spray paint will give a decent clear finish. In addition, your fiberglass surface will glow like never before! No yellowing effect!

Indoor & Outdoor Purposes

This high-quality spray is suitable for various indoor and outdoor purposes for various DIY painting projects.

Short Drying Time

Its efficient formula takes less than half an hour to dry. So, it will be ready for the subsequent coating. You won’t see any dripping issues.

Ergonomic Design

The spray container features a big button spray tip. This allows you to spray from various directions. In addition, it makes the spraying task easier.

Powerful Rust Protection

The spray paint has exceptional bonding capacity to various surfaces, including fiberglass. As a result, it ensures no fading issues. Plus, the fiberglass surface will receive maximum rust protection.

  • A decent clear finish
  • Suitable for various DIY projects
  • No sanding or priming required
  • Powerful rust protection
  • No fading issues
  • A little too soft

For Whom

Krylon K02735007 Fusion works on any plastic and fiberglass surface. I used it on the fiberglass golf cart, and it worked well.

2. SEYMOUR 620-1415 Industrial MRO

Do you prefer spray paint that offers better coverage and long-lasting results? Seymour 620-1415 black spray paint can give your fiberglass surface an unbelievable shine and perfect look.

SEYMOUR 620-1415 Industrial MRO

3-4 Times More Coverage

Not all spray paints give increased coverage. Unlike typical aerosol spray paints, this incredible spray paint can provide 3-4 times more coverage.

Even Coat

You won’t experience any paint sag. Because the paint adheres to the surface quickly and evenly, but avoid painting in excessively humid/cool conditions.

Protective Layer

This fiberglass protective coating spray paint provides decent protection against rust, weather, oil, and gasoline. Also, corrosive chemicals can’t affect the paint surface.

Heat Protection

The spray paint is heat-resistant too. It can withstand up to 300 degrees. But avoid keeping the fiberglass surface in excessively heat conditions.

Single Coating Is Enough

The delicate formula of SEYMOUR spray paint makes one coat enough for fiberglass surfaces. It looks and dries like multiple coats. A cost-effective option!

Simple to Apply

Are you a beginner? The spray paint comes with a simple mechanism to spray the liquid. Absolutely no drips too! Plus, it picks up minimal dust in the air.

  • Quick surface adhesion
  • Protective layer
  • High-quality coating
  • Easy to clean
  • It lasts longer than competitors
  • Leaks on the hand from the nozzle
  • Increased pressure needed for last use

For Whom

Ideal for coating and repairing fiberglass materials, you’re good to go if used with a plastic adhesive and quick follow-up with Seymour black.

3. Rust-Oleum 249320 Primer

Is your fiberglass surface has some minor imperfections or slightly damaged area? If yes, this 249320 Rustoleum fiberglass spray paint is a decent option.


Oil Based Paint

The unit has an oil-based formula. It can provide smooth and increased coverage. If you live in a low-temperature area, it appears the best.

Stops Rust Formula

Worry about rust? Its rust-resistant formula creates a fine layer. Rust won’t pile up on the surface. Also, it’s resistant to scratches, fingerprints, staining.

Top Coat

You can use this Rustoleum marine spray paint as a top coat since it provides a flat finish. Don’t worry about durability. It ensures high adhesion for a long time.

Quick Drying

The unit takes only 10-15 minutes to dry. Then, you can apply the next coat. Generally, you need 2-3 light coats. After that, all layer lines or imperfections will vanish.

Alternative to Primer

Are you struggling to find a reliable primer? Thankfully, you can use this spray paint as a primer. A light sanding is required before priming the fiberglass surface.

  • Effective to hiding imperfections
  • Smooth and increased coverage
  • Perfect topcoat
  • No primer needed
  • Zero Sanding
  • Nozzle may get clogged sometimes

For Whom

Those who wish to transform an old, rusty one into a glossy finish or give it an industrial feel.

4. Rust-Oleum 282814 Universal

Are you looking for easy-to-use spray paint? This all-rounder paint unit stands out from others. It works on various surfaces such as fiberglass, wood, plastic, metal, etc.

RustOleum 282814 Universal

Time Saver Formula

This spray paint will help you finish off your paintwork quickly. It takes only 30 minutes. Afterward, it will be ready for coating. You can even touch it.

Matte Finish

Fan of velvet finish? The spray paint can provide an eye-catchy shine but soft gloss on your fiberglass surface. It’s effective for covering imperfections.


The spray paint is designed for easy use. You just shake the container for 1 minute and apply it to your preferred surface. But first, remove the red safety clip.

Excellent Adhesion Power

You will be surprised to see the adhesion power of the paint. The paint will look-like wholly bonded on the fiberglass surface. No unevenness!

Easy Cleaning

You won’t have to face any mess to clean up the extra paint. Plus, Rust-Oleum 282814 won’t leak on your hands. So, you will have no stains on your skin and nails.

  • Sensational color
  • Covers imperfections
  • Time saver formula
  • Trigger is excellent
  • Impressive adhesion power
  • It comes at a little fast

For Whom

I am very satisfied with the work I have done on my fiberglass boat and fiberglass bath tub. You also can try.

5. Yamaha Marine Spray Paint

You should consider this Yamaha ACC-MRNPA-IT-8D if you have a fiberglass boat. That’s why many users rated it as the best outdoor spray paint for fiberglass.

Yamaha ACC-MRNPA-IT-8D Marine

Waterproof Paint

The Yamaha spray paint comes with a waterproof formula, making it suitable for various marine environments. But the paint may fade slightly over time.

Multiple Uses

Whether you want to use the waterproof fiberglass paint for touch-ups or a full overcoat, it is perfect all. Its factory-matched formula makes it easy to use.

Consistent Color

Consistency is difficult to achieve, especially for massive projects like painting boats. The spray paint allows you to spray consistently with no color difference.

Enamel Paint

Since it’s enamel paint, it will ensure a durable coating. You won’t see any dulling or chipping. This type of paint provides a lot of smoother yet glossy finish.

Highly Durable

Compared to other paints, this is highly durable spray paint, especially for areas requiring high maintenance or moisture exposure.

  • No flakes
  • Waterproof paint
  • Factory-matched formula
  • No color difference
  • No any dulling or chipping
  • Not compatible with lacquer based primer

For Whom

This Yamaha ACC-MRNPA-IT-8D is an excellent option to consider for motor cover, old Yamaha, and outboard.

6. Rust-Oleum 1910830 Metallic

Rust-Oleum 1910830 Metallic spray paint might be your best option to give your fiberglass surface a fancy finish. It’s generally suitable for interior fiberglass surfaces.

RustOleum 1910830 Metallic

Rich Metallic Shine

This spray paint can provide a rich, shiny finish for various surfaces fiberglass, wood, metal, plaster, etc. It creates a standout appearance.

Sparkling Effect

Due to the inclusion of actual metal in the paint formula, this spray paint will deliver a super bright and shiny metal appearance. A sparkling effect!

Better Coverage

This high-quality spray paint can cover up to 12 sq ft while spraying. So it saves money in the long term. Also, you don’t have to apply it repeatedly.

15 Minutes Drying Time

The Rust-Oleum paint takes 15 minutes to dry, and it will be ready for the subsequent coating after that. So you can finish off your painting projects within one hour.


The spray paint is water-resistant too. But make sure to let it dry properly, at least for 72 hours. Then a small portion of moisture won’t affect its paint texture.

  • Great metallic finish
  • Protects from rust
  • Rich and shiny finish
  • Smooth coverage
  • Water-resistant
  • Cure time is a bit longer

For Whom

Amazing reflective shine even on dull surfaces. Natural look on most surfaces. So addictive and easy.

7. VHT SP651 Gloss Epoxy

This spray paint can be a game-changer if you want to achieve a glossy finish on your desired surface. It can exceed your expectations.

VHT SP651 Gloss Epoxy

All-weather Paint

It is an all-weather paint. Therefore, various climate conditions can not affect or damage the quality of the paint over time.


This rust-proof is suitable for various metal surfaces to save you from repair costs while giving permanent protection against corrosion.

Baked-on Finish

You will surely appreciate the baked-on finish this spray paint will give, especially on aluminum or steel. Even high temperatures can’t affect its glossy finish.

Salt Resistant Paint

This high-quality paint is salt-resistant. Thus, items that are regularly used on the saltwater can be adored with this spray paint to give them a permanent solution.

Durable Paint

According to many users, this spray paint can last for a decent time when you let it cure at least 24 hours. After that, you can take it to direct sunlight for faster drying.

  • Good adhesion on fiberglass
  • Perfect for saltwater items
  • Excellent paint, superior finish
  • Rust protective
  • Perfect nozzle
  • Not UV stable by itself.

For Whom

Best for white fiberglass paint. I used it on a fiberglass picnic table and pool, and it looks great! Additionally, this paint can be applied to rubber, auto parts, and automotive accessories.

4 Things to Consider for Selecting The Right Spray Paint

Painting fiberglass will be flawless if you choose the right spray paint. Most importantly, you will achieve a long-lasting result with a better finish. Here are some crucial points to consider finding fiberglass-friendly paint.

Simple to Apply

Our painting skills are not the same. You may be new to this painting job. In that case, learning some basic techniques of spray painting is crucial.

However, some manufacturers companies do some additional things so that users can apply the paint easily. Most paint brands include instruction manuals to paint spray paint more effectively.

You can use a particular brand that offers beginner-friendly spray paints to apply paint safely and effortlessly.

Long-lasting Paint

It is advisable to spend extra money to get premium quality spray paints. After all, it’s a long-term investment.

You don’t want to see cracking or peeling off issues after a few weeks. Additionally, cheap quality spray paints don’t offer a more delicate finish.

Precise Hues

People often grumble about paint color. The preciseness of the paint hue may slightly fade off after a few hours of passing.

But color appearance may slightly vary on different surfaces. So, it is advisable to do a spot test before starting the project.

Functional Container

The container of some spray paints is designed in a way that you can apply it under various conditions.

For example, if you’re having trouble pressing the nozzle, you may need to change the spray can nozzle or your painting technique.

If the spray paint container is highly functional, use a paint marking wand or spray can handle that helps you to spray paints creatively and neatly with no sign of unevenness.

Other 3 Key Factors You Need to Keep in Mind

Apart from the primary factors some other essential factors you should consider.

The Contents

Make sure you read the product label properly to learn what formula and ingredients the manufacturer used. Check out if any harmful components are included. Choosing eco-friendly products is preferable.


Though high-quality spray paints are a little pricey, you can find a cost-effective option by researching and comparing several options. But you shouldn’t compromise quality even if you have to spend a little more money.

Drying Time

Spray paint is supposed to dry thoroughly within a few hours so that you can apply the subsequent coating. But make sure the paint is fully dry before applying the second layer. Otherwise, it will create an uneven coating.

How do You Use Spray Paint to Create Unique Fiberglass Designs?

Fiberglass surfaces are not as good as woods to apply spray paints. Therefore, the question arises, Can You Paint Directly Over Fiberglass? It would be best if you took some extra preparation to make the surface perfect for spray painting.

Since they have nonporous surfaces, utilizing a particular application technique is vital to accept the paint. So, preparing fiberglass for paint is necessary.

It would help if you used a palm sander loaded with 400-grit sandpaper to make the surface better for paint adhesion.

After sanding and cleaning the fiberglass surface correctly, you should apply a high-quality and compatible primer. Try choosing the best spray paint primer for fiberglass to make your painting task flawless.

Besides, you can follow intermittent mists to apply the spray paint. This will prevent drips, runs, and sagging issues.

Avoid applying the spray paint in a constant stream. Otherwise, you will fail to achieve a flawless and fine finish.

Ensure you get rid of old spray paint if the fiberglass surface has any coating.

What You Need to Know About Spray Paint on Fiberglass

  • Keeping several tack cloths with you is necessary to remove links and other stray contaminants while painting.
  • Using a spray can handle is a good rule of thumb, which will work like an HVLP gun. This will make your spray painting task easier.
  • Make sure to read the product label of primer/paint/topcoat because applying technique may vary from one brand to another.
  • Using sandpapers will smooth the surface and allow the additional primer to bite into it. They come in various grits from 220 – 600.
  • You can use acetone as a cleaner/degreaser to wipe down the surface with a tack cloth. But don’t make it soak. Instead, use a tiny portion to make the surface clear.
  • It is advisable to use the same brand for spray paint and primer to get the best result. When using two different brands, you should research properly and take suggestions from experts whether they’re compatible to use or not.
  • Not all spray paints need a topcoat. Many durable and high-quality spray paints act as a topcoat. You should read the product label carefully to figure out whether the particular spray paint needs a topcoat or not.

More Tips For Spray Painting Fiberglass

You can use spray paints on various surfaces such as fiberglass boats, tubs, showers, doors, surfboards, golf carts, ladders, automobiles, etc.

Considering the environment is crucial if you are looking for decent spray paint for fiberglass boat. For example, keeping your boat on the sea and other saltwater bodies requires using marine clear coat spray paint. This type of paint is better to prevent the corrosive effects of saltwater.

However, you can use regular boat spray paint when you only use the boat on rivers and lakes.

When using spray paint on fiberglass planters, make sure to use double prime coating, and the first prime coating should have an oil-based primer. Plus, applying a minimum of two thin coats of paint is necessary.

Can you use spray paint on fiberglass

The Benefits of Using Clear Coat Spray Paints for Fiberglass

What are the advantages of using spray paint on fiberglass? There are actually quite a few, and I will outline them below!

  • Using spray paint means you have no reason to get any paint roller, paintbrush, or similar painting accessories.
  • Spray paints are highly portable due to their compact size. They’re hassle-free to store.
  • It’s well known that spray paints have a wide range of uses, as they can be used for a number of different paint projects.
  • Spray paints are perfect for outdoor and indoor projects without wasting extra amounts.
  • This type of paint offers better coverage and excellent control.
  • Spray paints take less time to dry out and reduce the painting period.


Can You Use Spray Paint on Fiberglass?

Though spray painting on fiberglass is a bit more tricky than other materials, you can do it by implementing the correct spray techniques and proper preparation.

Does Rustoleum Spray Paint Work on Fiberglass?

Rustoleum spray paint only works if it’s specially designed for fiberglass because most are suitable for use on metal surfaces. You’ll notice the crack and peeling issues if you use cheap Rustoleum spray paint for fiberglass.

What Is The Best Spray Can Paint for Fiberglass Boats?

The best spray paint for boats is probably the epoxy type because it is tough and durable. Epoxy spray paint is also known as industrial-grade paint and is perfect for use on fiberglass boats because it does not require primer or sealant. It also has a high resistance to water, oil, and other chemicals.

What Is The Best Paint for Fiberglass RV?

You can use polyester, polyurethane, acrylic, or epoxy for fiberglass RV because they stay on the surface firmly and can provide an all-weather resistant finish.

Which One The Best Krylon Spray Paint for Fiberglass?

Krylon Fusion is a good choice for fiberglass. It is a high-quality paint that can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Also easy to use and comes with a wide range of colors that you can choose from. It is resistant to water, oil, and most other chemicals, so it will not damage your fiberglass surface.

What Kind of Paint Will Stick to Fiberglass?

This is hard to tell as fiberglass has various surfaces. You have to find it out on your own by checking the product label. Generally, they clearly mention the particular surface of fiberglass is suitable to use for the spray paint.

Bottom Line

Not all spray paints are perfect to use on fiberglass materials. Therefore, you need to be a bit picky to choose the best spray paints for fiberglass.

Choosing a decent quality spray means you make your spraying task easier and achieve the best painting result.

I have included various spray paints for fiberglass surfaces. You just need to pick the fiberglass spray paint best on the object you want to paint.

Happy Painting!