How to Get Spray Paint off Fiberglass: Quickest Solution to Clean your Fiberglass

how to get spray paint off fiberglass

I don’t get tiresome when I paint a car. Last morning, mistakenly, I splashed a lot of spray paint on the fiberglass of my car. The whole bonnet is looking like a clown. I asked my neighbor (Professional Carpenter) how to get spray paint off fiberglass?

He suggested a few methods to me and applied them one by one. I could remove the paint successfully.

What about sharing my real-life experience to help you out. From now on, you don’t have to worry about the spill anymore. Let’s read to remove the paint quickly.

What to Use to Clean Off Spray Paint from Fiberglass

There are numerous ways to remove the spray paint from your lovely fiberglass. Considering the duration and practical observation, I recommend the following methods.

Method #1: Stripping Paint from Fiberglass

You can use a paint stripper to scrape out the undesirable paint splash over the fiberglass. To wipe out the paint, please do the following.

Step 1: Choose the Suitable Paint Stripper

There are thousands of strippers available, but you have to pick the one made for fiberglass. Considering the surface type, the formula varies.

Step 2: Tape the Outer Edge

Select the boundary of your application with a tape that highlights the work area. This will let you know where to stop.

Step 3: Apply the Stripper Formula

Read the manual thoroughly to apply the stripper. After applying, wait for it to be set. The action time varies from type to type.

But don’t wait too long; it will eat up your fiberglass. In addition, avoid pulling it off too soon as well. This may require multiple coats of stripper.

Step 4: Scrape Out the Paint

After waiting for the appropriate amount of time, now scrape out the paint with a suitable scraper. Never use a metal scraper. This can ruin the texture of your fiberglass. For curved surfaces, use a scraper with a smaller width.

Step 5: Rinse the Mess

When you are done with scraping, rinse the entire area so that nothing is left. You can use a hosepipe to water the area for convenience.

Method #2: Scrub with a Sandpaper

Using sandpaper to reduce the paint splash is one of the most common methods. To erase the paint from your fiberglass, please follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Wear Safety Gears

This is the most crucial point. Do not forget to cover your sensitive parts before scrubbing because this process leaves tiny particles in the air. These toxic shreds are injurious to health.

Step 2: Pick an Appropriate Sandpaper

Considering your fiberglass surface, choose sandpaper that goes well with the purpose. Generally, 80 grit-120 grit is enough for regular use. But for smoother performance, 220 is perfect.

Step 3: Scrub until the Splash Fades

Start scrubbing the area you need to be polished. When the paint starts fading, you can stop rubbing if you are up to applying a further coat of paint. Otherwise, you can stop when you are satisfied.

stripping paint off fiberglass

Method #3: Use Paint Remover

Using paint remover is an easy way to get rid of old, chipped, or peeling paint on your fiberglass with minimal effort and without the need for harmful chemicals. Here are the steps that you’ll need to achieve this task:

  • First, clean the surface with a wire brush if necessary.
  • Then apply some of your favorite automotive-grade paint removers onto a cloth or sponge.
  • Finally, use circular motions over the area until all traces of unwanted paint have been eliminated.

Method #4: Rely on Cleansers

This is the manual way of handling any color blot. You can choose a mild scraper and peel off the paint splash with it. Try to pick a good plastic cleaner. Avoid metal scrapers for fiberglass because metals leave scratches on the glossy surface.

Method #5: Paint Thinner

Paint thinner is an easy and inexpensive chemical to remove spray paint from fiberglass. All you need is some paint thinner and water, and the job will finish in no time! Here are steps you should follow:

  • First, the paint thinning in a thin layer over the entire surface, so there is no part left untouched.
  • Keep applying the paint until all of it is gone.
  • Let the solution sit for about 10-30 minutes.
  • Use water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Repeat if necessary.

Test an inconspicuous area first to make sure the baking soda and hot water won’t damage the surface.

Method #6: Clever Uses for Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda is a great natural paint cleaner. Follow these simple steps:

  • Put enough baking soda into a bowl or cup that will fit around the area where the tag is located.
  • Pour hot water over the baking soda until it’s fully saturated.
  • Get rid of excess water.
  • Rub vigorously with a dry cloth.

3 Best Paint Remover Brands

I like the third method of this 6-step process because it gives us an easy way to remove spray paint. I have done a thorough analysis based on quality and practical experience to make your choice more convenient. I suggest the following as the most effective among numerous paint remover brands.

spray paint remover for fiberglass

a) Jasco Fiberglass Paint Remover

Jasco Fiberglass Paint Remover is one of the best removers in the market. With its outstanding formula, this remover works most desirable for the woods. The effective formula gently dissolves all the excess paints.

b) Sunnyside Corporation 634G1 Paint & Varnish Remover

Sunnyside is a renowned brand that offers different strippers considering the surface. In addition, it is capable of removing multiple coats of paint. So if you are looking for something strong, Sunnyside 634G1 paint remover is the one for you.

c) Peel Away Marine Paint Remover

Peel Away heavy-duty paint remover is a strong absorbent that dissolves the paint quickly. With every polish, it wipes out all the extra strokes. But the drawback of this Peel Away Marine Paint Remover is, it damages the Gelcoat.

Is Paint Removal Harmful to Fiberglass?

Paint removal is a tricky job. Especially when it comes to fiberglass material, you have to be extra careful. Applying something harsh will damage the non-porous surface easily. For sanding, use the appropriate sandpaper that is specially made for fiberglass.

If you go too rough on the flow, this can make the fiberglass non-absorbent for further painting. One must not apply sandpaper and paint stripper at the same time. Do not forget to use the premium quality paint stripper as well.

Precautions Before Using Paint Removal

good spray paint remover off fiberglass

Paint removal is a simple yet messy role. Since you are dealing with chemical solutions, you must take care of a few things. I recommend the following preventive steps before any paint removal:

Wear Safety Guards

Always take care of your health and the environment. Wear safety gloves, goggles, and face masks. These will protect you from toxic chemicals.

Spread a Cloth or Towel

Use a cloth or towel right next to the area you are painting. This cloth will absorb any dripping and keep the area clean.

Cover the Important Stuff

If you are doing an indoor painting, you must cover the rest of the furniture. Take a plastic sheet or any cover you like. Otherwise, paint particles will ruin the indoor outlook.


How to Remove Paint from Fiberglass?

There are several tips on removing paint from fiberglass. Chemical paint strippers do this job quickly. To erase paint from fiberglass, do the following step:
a) Pour a cup of chemical stripper into a metal can.
b) Apply the solution on the fiberglass and allow it to sit for 2 to 3 minutes.
c) Scrape the paint with a knife. And rub the rest with a kitchen pad. Soak the pad in alcohol solution before rubbing.
d) Please wait until it dries.

Can You Use Spray Paint on Fiberglass?

Yes, you can. Since fiberglass has a smooth, non-porous surface, spray paints are usually too slick to absorb. Nowadays, there are numerous options; you can use acrylic solvent-based paint. Sanding before painting might help in spraying as well.

Can You Use Paint Remover on Fiberglass?

Of course, you can. But this application should be handled carefully. Using harsh elements may ruin your favorite fiberglass materials outlook. Do proper research before using a paint remover.

How to Clean Spray Paint?

Painting something is always a messy job. One can clean the spray residue by doing the following steps:
a) Soak a microfiber pad or towel in dishwashing soap solution
b) Gently wipe off the surface to remove the overspray.
c) Considering paint type, use additional steps.

What is the Average Time for Paint Removal?

Considering the material, the time for paint removal varies. Generally, it can take a few minutes to 24 hours. Sometimes it can take more than that if you’re erasing a giant canvas that’s obvious. But professional help can save a lot of time.

Final Verdict on Paint Removal Process from Fiberglass

Cleaning the messy fiberglass after spray painting is the toughest task. Very often, some mistakes can ruin your entire hard work. That’s why I have gathered the quickest practical solution to help you.

I hope you get the helpful answers and methods on how to get spray paint off the fiberglass. Then, don’t worry about the splash anymore. Follow the information and stay clean. Also, choosing one of the best spray paints for fiberglass can make your job a lot easier!

Good Luck!