Can You Mix Spray Paint with Regular Paint: Everything I Know About This Techniques

Can You Mix Spray Paint with Regular Paint

Mixing different paints is not a new idea. But things can go really messy when you think about mixing spray paint and regular paint. That’s because both paints have different properties. But is that even possible? Can you mix spray paint with regular paint and use it on a spray gun?

You can’t mix the regular paint with spray paint if they are not the same type. The regular paint needs to be oil-based to combine with the spray paint, or else the dyes won’t mix. But if both of them are oil-based paint, you can mix them.

Choose your color and strain the paint. Give it a test run and mix thinner to pour it into the spray gun with proper ratio. The mixing ratio should be standard. Otherwise, the spray nozzles may get clogged and ruin your wall.

Is It Possible to Mix Regular Paint and Spray Paint?

Well, it’s possible as long as both paints are the same component-based.

Paints are mainly of two types: oil-based and water-based. We know that all the spray paints are oil-based.

Therefore, you can’t use water-based paint with spray paint. And most of the regular paints are water-based.

Oil and water can’t be mixed. If you try to incorporate them without knowing their mixing medium, it will go in vain. It may even lead you to clogged nozzles while attempting to spray regular water-based paints with spray paints.

What are the Conditions of Mixing Paint Colors Together?

Blending paint colors requires two conditions (same properties and proper ratio); if you maintain those, you can easily mix regular paints with spray paints.

As I have mentioned above concerning the oil-based and water-based color. And don’t worry, all the standard paints don’t come as water-based (latex paint is water-based). Some traditional oil-based spray paints are also available in the market.

You also need to maintain a proper ratio while mixing spray paint with regular paints. It’s the most basic rule of mixing. Typically, traditional paints are much thicker than other paints. So, you have to use thinners (water, oils, etc.) to lower the concentration.

But can you even mix spray paint colors using the same conditions? Well, spray paints don’t get mixed as long as they don’t have the same properties as acrylic to acrylic.

Otherwise, you will notice pixel-like dots while spraying over the wall. But it will look like you got a secondary color!

Tools Required for The Mixing Process Faster and Easier

blending paint colors

You will need to spray paint mixing kits to mix the paints properly. So, first of all, choose to paint for the mixing and strain it in a paint strainer to remove the remaining impurities. The other essentials are

  • Water
  • Paint sprayer
  • Sprayer tips
  • Test boards to test
  • Safety goggles
  • Spray paint mixing cups
  • Face mask

These tools will help you with smoother finish and effectiveness. And also, don’t forget to maintain safety measures.

How to Mix Spray Paint Colors : The Expert Guide

You have already known the conditions of mixing paints but have yet to learn how to combine them! Well, the process is pretty simple. Follow these instructions to get better results.

Step 1: Get the Tools Ready

Firstly, ensure that all the tools are ready and nearby.

Step 2: Select Your Paint

Then choose your desirable paint. Different paints are designed for particular purposes. So, choose the paint according to your project.

Step 3: Put on Safety Gears

We all know that you can’t work with paints without taking safety measures. It’s because paints emit toxic fumes that will severely affect your health.

That’s why you will need safety goggles and a face mask. They will protect your eyes and your breath from toxic chemicals.

Step 4: Use the Paint Strainer

Paints don’t come in entirely pristine conditions. You have to ensure that no impurities, lumps, or clogs are left in the mixture. And the paint strainer is the best way to deal with it.

So, you need to strain the paint into another container. Use paint cups as a container. The strainer will make the paint mixture smooth and subtle, suitable for use in a spray gun.

Step 5: Test Your Paint

Before you use thinners to dilute the paint, you have to see the quality of the color. Therefore, put some small amount in the sprayer and test it over the test board.

If you see that the coverage is satisfactory and there are no clogs in the nozzle, you can use the paint without any thinners.

Step 6: Mix the Paint

Now it’s time to mix the paints. Your first challenge will be getting out spray paints from the container. Let the nozzle loose and get it out. Mix with your favorite regular paint in a container.

can you mix spray paint colors

You can’t mix it in a spray paint can mixer because the mixture may not be suitable yet. Use the thinners (water, mineral spirits, etc.) to adjust the thickness.

Step 7: Place the Mixture in The Spray Gun

After that, pour the mixture into a spray gun. Don’t pour much at a single time, or it will be challenging to handle the spray gun because of being overweight.

Step 8: Test Again to Adjust the Nozzle

You have to test the mixture again to adjust the sprayer’s nozzle. That’s because the mixture has been diluted, and you have to guess the proper speed of spraying paints.

Otherwise, the paint will distribute unevenly over the surface and won’t be subtle properly.

Step 9: Clean the Equipment

After making the paint mixture ready to rock, you need to clean the equipment to test the mix. Use the mineral spirit to clean the equipment properly.

Otherwise, the paints won’t get off the tools, and you will face difficulty in further use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does latex paint provide waterproof coatings?

The latex paints don’t provide waterproof coatings. They are not waterproof. But if you want such a feature, you will have to add another top layer of varnish or acrylic gloss. Some waterproof additives can also be helpful if you need them.

Can I mix different types of paint from brands?

Yes, there’s no harm in using paint from different brands. You can mix colors from various brands and paint them on your exterior or interior. Many artists even recommend finding more than one brand for a single color to paint.

Can you pour any paint in a spray gun?

You can’t just turn any paint into spray paint. Only latex paint is acceptable when it mixes with thinners and makes the paint dilute enough to spray from the nozzles. The paint can be used directly from the paint can, but there are limitations, especially when the spraying paint doesn’t include any thinners.

Is it okay to paint my indoor with spray paint?

Yes, you can use spray paints on your interior as well as exterior. It will help you complete your paint job much quicker than other hand-mixed paint sticks. However, it is only applicable when you are in a hurry to paint large places like the garage. But we won’t recommend it for small areas.

Is acrylic paint compatible with wall paint?

You can mix wall paints with acrylic paints only if both of them are water-based colors. And the acrylic paint is always water-based. But experts don’t recommend that because of their difference in consistency and dilution process with water.

Bottom Line

To get perfect paintwork, you will have to make a prompt mixture. You can’t just pour two different types of paint with different properties and mix them into a container.

So, can you mix spray paint with regular paint? By now, you should have got the answer. Proper ratios and characteristics match are crucial to get a suitable mixture.

Enjoy painting the interiors and exteriors of your new home!