Can You Dry Spray Paint with a Hair Dryer? A Quick Guide To Dry Your Paint

can you dry spray paint with a hair dryer

Recently, I painted my room wall using spray paint. The spray part was easy, but waiting for the color to dry made me suffer. I realized this was the most challenging stage of painting. After using everything, including the fan, cooler, and whatnot! I asked one of my neighbors, can you dry spray paint with a hair dryer?

What she said was blissful. I used my blow dryer and nailed it. I found that there are a lot of people struggling to harden their spray paint. So, I have assembled all my practical knowledge and the pro tips to guide you.

Step by Step Guide for Hardening Spray Paint with a Blow Dryer

Blow drying your spray paint is one of the quickest hacks I know. But without proper guidance, this can kill your valuable time as well. To get a fast blow drying, do the following.

Choose a Cheap Hair Dryer

To dry your spray paint, you don’t have to buy an expensive dryer. Because they offer unnecessary features which you don’t need. A cheap one will go in that case.

All you need is temperature level and maximum airflow. The user can get this type of dryer within 10$ budget. Try to pick the cordless ones; these are the most comfortable to work with.

Apply Thin Coat

While using spray paint, most people overdo the layering. They keep spraying the formula. However, this makes the drying slow.

The thinner the coat, the quicker it dries. The spray paint formula gives the best finish with a light layer. If you feel like applying again, then wait for the previous layer to dry.

Keep it Low at the Beginning

Research says 40-60 degrees celsius tempers are optimum for a quick dry. So check your dryer temperature level and increase the heat gradually. Don’t give the heat in the first place because this may temper the formula. For oil-based textures, increasing heat may damage the solvent.

Maintain Arm Distance

Some might think holding the dryer close to the paint may harden it faster. But this trick is useless. It doesn’t matter if your paint is oil-based or water-based.

To dry it, you need even air pressure. Holding the dryer from an arm’s length distance is the most appropriate position to provide an even blow.

Blow-dry Until it Gets Cured Thoroughly

Keep blowing your dryer over the paint again and again. Make sure the layer gets dried thoroughly unless a touch dry layer may get damaged easily.

How Long does it Take to Harden that Paint?

The query is tricky. Spray paint takes up to 8 hours to harden on any surface. The entire process is dependent on several factors.

Surface Type

The polished the surface, the less time the paint takes to get dried. But physics says a smooth surface is an illusion. The object made of metal or steel takes less long to get a dry paint.

The wooden surface takes a bit longer because the cells tend to absorb the paint first. In that case, the user can use sandpaper to smoothen the surface of the object.

Environmental Factors

Drying depends on environmental factors such as humidity. Suppose, you are painting in daylight with low humidity, it definitely takes less time to get dried. If the temperature is below 45 degrees F with increasing humidity, your waiting period will belong.

In the rainy season, the color will take more time. For the winter season, spray painting is fun and quick. But make sure the room you are painting is well-ventilated.

hardening spray paint

Spray Type

Spray type decides a lot about the drying time also. There are multiple types of spray paint. Different formulas take diverging periods to be dried.

For example, Enamel paint dries quickly because the formula has a high evaporation rate. Lacquer paint formula also hardens faster because of the watery solvent. In comparison, the oil-based formula takes a longer time to get dried.

Layer of Paint

The coating says a lot about the time it takes to dry as well. Suppose you are putting a lot of paint on the first application, the thick layer will take a much longer pulse compared to a thin coat.

Difference Between Cure Time and Dry Time

These are two stages of drying your paint. Curing is the final stage of your paint when it dries thoroughly over the object and doesn’t want to come off. The time taken to get the paint dried is called cure time.

Dry time is the duration of the first coat to get dried before applying the second layer. Generally, The entire process can take 30 minutes to 8 hours. Depending on various factors, 24 hours is natural.

Is It Possible to Dry Spray Paint with a Hair Dryer?

The answer is YES. A hairdryer is a lifesaver to harden your paint quickly. In some cases, this will save a lot of time. But before blowing your cute mini dryer, you should know the paint type first.

For oil-based spray paints, a blow dryer is not a good idea. Because this type of formula generally oxidizes to get dried. Blowing hot air can ruin the paint’s texture. But for water-based paint, you can use your hairdryer to get it all cured.

Drying Stages You Must Know

Spray paints take several stages to get before the final hard look. To know when your wait is over, read the following.

Stage 1: Surface Dry

This is the step when the formula evaporates the liquid and looks like the drying has begun. But the top is still sticky.

Stage 2: Touch Dry

In this step, you can touch the top layer without any stickiness. The top gets dried. Yet any pressure can stick the paint in your fingers.

Stage 3: Hard Dry

After applying the final layer, the surface gets hard, and it won’t come off easily. Still, you cannot put any extra pressure on it; any kind of pressure can leave marks. This stage is known as hard dry.

Stage 4: Fully Cured

This is the final stage when the paint is fully dried, and your job is done.

Alternative Tips for Faster Drying

what makes spray paint dry faster

Blow drying sounds like the quickest and easiest hack to bake your paint. But I have found the following hacks to beat the dryer.

Blow Your Fans

In quick-drying, fans are always the first choice. Set your table fans around the painting and blow them. Ceiling fans give an optimum airflow for evaporation. If you are painting a room, the ceiling fan is the best choice for a fast dry.

Use a Heater Box

Temperature is always helpful in fast drying. Use a heater box close to the painted surface and set the temperature up to 450 degrees F. But not more than 750 degrees F, this level can peel or boil the formula.

Arrange a Dehumidifier

You must know that a moist environment makes the drying process slow. A humidity level between 40-60% is optimum for drying the spray paint. Whether you are painting in the rainy season, then collect a dehumidifier. This tool will balance the humidity level to quickly harden the paint.

Apply Furniture Polish

Wax-based shiny polish works like magic on spray paint drying. This thick formula reduces the irregularities and makes the surface even. A polished surface dries quickly. Grab a suitable polish from your nearest furniture shop and keep painting.


Let’s read to know more about quick drying.

How to Make Spray Paint Dry Faster?

There are several processes to make your spray paint dry faster. These are:
a) Keep the paint in daylight for some hours. Sunlight quickly evaporates the liquid texture.
b) Use a nice primer to make the surface even. Even surface tends to dry fast.
c) Apply a thin coat of paint to bake it faster.

How Long Does Metallic Spray Paint Take to Dry?

Metallic spray paints are pretty delicate to handle. The top gets touch dry within 10-30 minutes. Yet the wait isn’t over. The whole process needs at least 8 hours to be cured. You can take sundry a day after it gets dried for a smooth finish.

How to Keep Spray Paint from Sticking?

To keep spray paint from sticking, do the following
a) Use a fine primer to reduce all the unevenness; this will add durability to your paint.
b) Sprinkle talcum powder on top of the first coat; the powder will bake the layer fast.
c) Blow a dryer fan to dry the surface of the paint.
d) More importantly, before applying the first coat, make sure the primer is dry.

How to Make Spray Paint Dry Faster on Rubber?

Rubber has a porous surface that absorbs the paint before drying. That makes the layer tacky or sticky to work with. But the following hacks can help you to make your spray paint dry faster.
a) Apply a good primer before doing the first coat.
b) Sprinkle some dusting powder on the paint layers.
c) Use an oil-based spray paint/or acrylic spray paint. This formula dries faster on the porous out layer.
d) Also, you can use a hair dryer to dry rubber spray paint faster. Blow the hot air onto the painted surface for a minute or two.

Why Rustoleum Spray Paint Won’t Dry?

There are several reasons which can prevent your Rustoleum spray paint drying. These are:
a) Overapplication of paint makes the layer heavy. Thick layers take much time to get dried.
b) Moist environment prevent the paint to get harder.
c) If you have applied the paint on a rough surface like plastic, it will definitely take at least 2-4 days to get dried.


Waiting for your freshly painted walls sounds like an eternal period. To make this step, many people use different alternatives. A blow dryer is no different in that case.

Here I have tried to give the authentic answer to the most common question- can you dry spray paint with a hair dryer? I hope the reader will get the ultimate tips to dry their paint quickly.

Happy painting!