4 Best Matte Black Spray Paint to Give Your Projects a Professional Look

best matte black spray paint

When it comes to warmer and inviting looks, matte black stands out from the rest of the color. It can grab attention at first glance. Many DIYers and enthusiastic spray paint users often use this color.

But choosing the best matte black spray paint is tricky as bottomless options are available. You may want a versatile one that can be applied on various surfaces such as cars, rims, bikes, and plastic items.

Regardless of your preference, you are not someone who will compromise quality. After taking many verified customers feedbacks and market research, I have finally chosen four black matte spray paints. Let’s get into the review session!

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Does Spray Paint Come in Matte?

Yes, spray paints are available in matte black, which is mainly an unsaturated shade of black. This type of color is non-reflective and has a lower brightness level.

Unlike glossy black, black matte spray paint is good at hiding imperfections. Many leading spray paint brands sell matt black spray paint.

Rust-Oleum, Dupli-Color, Pintyplus, Tamiya, Krylon, etc., sell different high-quality black matte spray paint in the market.

What Is Matte Black Spray Paint?

Matte black spray paint is a type of paint designed to create a matte finish. This type of finish is less shiny than other finishes, giving objects a more subdued appearance. It is often used to create a “stealth” look, as it can help to hide objects from view.

6 Types of Matte Black Spray Paint and What They

Matte black spray paint is perfect for creating a dark, vintage look on any surface. Here are six different types of matte black spray paint that you can use to achieve different effects.

1. Satin Matte Black

This type of matte black has a slight sheen to it, making it perfect for adding a glossy finish to your projects. It also works well with various finishing options, like wax or sealant.

2. Metallic Matte Black

It is made up of several metals, which gives it a metallic appearance and sparkle. It can be applied to various automotive parts such as car or bike metal body parts, rims, etc.

3. Flat Matte Black

One more black painting for you. This type of matte black is the most common and versatile. It is simple to apply. It’s ideal for general applications like painting furniture or cabinets and can be used with various finishes.

You can get it in two versions. One can be applied without primers, and another one needs primers. You won’t get reliable results without primers.

4. Semi-Gloss Black Spray Paint

The semi-gloss black spray paint is perfect for any surface that needs a tough and durable finish. The paint is also easy to use, requiring only a few sprays to create a strong finish. It is suitable for wood, metal, and plastic surfaces, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of projects.

5. High-Gloss Matte Black Spray Paint

In the world of car paint, there are many different types and colors to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a glossy finish or something more matte, there’s a perfect paint option for you. However, if you want a truly high-gloss finish, you’ll need to choose high-Gloss matte black paint.

6. Interior Decorating Matte Black Spray Paints

Crafters often use a special clear black spray paint for their interior design. They generally apply this paint on various furniture walls and small items.

Where Will Matte Black Spray Paint Work Best?

You can use clear matte finish spray on various surfaces such as metal, ABS plastic, porcelain, wood, glass, leather, and many other automotive parts.

People sometimes use this type of paint to hide flaws and imperfections. Maintaining a balance is important. Otherwise, the black paint will look odd.

4 Best Matte Black Spray Paint for a Sleek and Sophisticated Look

Wondering what matte black spray paint is the best? Here we specially picked four top-of-the-line:

1. Rust-Oleum Automotive Peel Coat Spray

Are you looking for easy-to-use and versatile matte black auto paint? This option can be a perfect addition.

Rust-Oleum 276779 Automotive Peel Spray

Ideal for Cars and Rims

Love to design your car and its rims? Rust-Oleum 276779 is one of the best matte black spray paint for cars can show reliable results without damaging your vehicle’s topcoat.

20 Minutes Dry Time

It takes only 20 minutes to dry this paint. So, you don’t need to wait a long time. But maintaining a proper break between several coats is always necessary.

Super Versatile

Want to add a short-term black spray paint? No worries. This highly flexible spray paint is simple to peel off using your fingertips. You can then add your new design.

No Primer Is Needed

Why take the hassle of priming? This Metallic Rustoleum spray paint black requires no primer. But make sure to add 5/6 light coats for a stable and durable result.

Washable Surface

You can get a high build matte finish from this spray paint. It will create a smooth, washable surface, which color won’t fade over time.

What I Like
  • Uncomplicated to use
  • Takes less time dry
  • Easy to remove
  • Doesn’t require primers
What I don’t Like
  • Need to be removed after six months

For Whom to Use

Rust-Oleum 276779 is one of the best durable spray paint for metal. Any vehicle or car owner who wants to add a perfect matte black finish on their car bodies and rims will highly appreciate using this option.

2. Dupli-Color Custom Wrap Removable Coating

Dupli-Color ECWRC7947 spray paint is ideal if you crawl for a nice gloss finish for a long time. It can last up to 6 months.

Dupli-Color ECWRC7947 Custom Wrap Removable Coating

Eye-catchy Finish

The matte black car color spray paint will give a smooth, professional-looking finish. Even after regular heavy usage, its durable paint won’t be affected.

EZ Peel Technology

Its special formula contains EZ Peel Technology, making the paint removal task simple and quick.

Well Designed Spray Tip

The unit has a useful tip with a wide fan to spray paint smoothly on your desired area. Your finger won’t block the spray.

Simple Painting System

Generally, you need to apply six coats on most vehicles. But make sure to keep the first coat tack light and the last coat a little thick. This will create a glossy finish.

What I Like
  • Smooth, professional-looking finish
  • Simple and quick paint removal system
  • Hassle-free painting system
  • A functional tip with a wide fan
What I don’t Like
  • Nozzle quality could be better.

For Whom to Use

This high-Gloss matte black powder coat spray paint is a reliable option for beginners who didn’t use any spray paint in the past. It has a simple system to paint. No-fuss!

3. Tamiya 85006 Lacquer Spray Paint

If you are in the market for fast-drying and forgiving spray paint for plastic, overlooking this option is not so easy.

Tamiya 85006 Lacquer Spray Paint

Quick Curing

Not all spray paints are as fast as Tamiya 85006 Lacquer Spray Paint. This is one of the best matte black spray paints for plastic. This special formula cures in a few minutes and is ready for the next application.

More Forgiving and Easy removal

Beginners are prone to make mistakes while applying paint. Its effective formula allows you to remove the paint instantly. They won’t become hard.

Professional Results

You can get a professional-looking result from this flat black spray paint by preparing the plastic surface properly. Use soap and water to make the plastic surface clean.

High-Grade Version

Don’t take it like other typical spray paint. It is a high-grade version of paint that can amaze you with its transformation. Just make sure to prepare the area properly.

Affordable Solution

Though its quantity is a little bit lower, it worth the price you pay. It will smoothly work on various plastic surfaces without obscuring any detail.

What I Like
  • Minimal period to cure
  • Easy to take off
  • Inexpensive price
  • Good at hiding imperfections
What I don’t Like
  • Small quantity

For Whom to Use

Anyone looking for affordable and high-grade paint for plastic can consider this option. It will show long-lasting results with minimal quality deterioration.

4. Pintyplus Evolution Spray Paint

Struggling to find a multipurpose spray paint? The Pintyplus Evolution Spray Paint appears the right choice to apply to various surfaces. Such as wood, metal , stone, paper, rubber, cardboard, and some plastics.


Solvent Based Spray Paint

The spray paint has a solvent-based formula, which has more tolerant of weather conditions. Higher humidity and temperatures won’t affect the paint.

Indoors and Outdoors Purposes

This super versatile spray paint is perfect for indoor and outdoor purposes. Hence, DIYers surely can utilize it for various purposes to add catch paint.

Extended Coverage

Not all sprays can provide decent coverage with a minimal amount. This 22 Ounce spray paint can cover up to 22 square feet if you apply it correctly and evenly.

Simple To Apply

Many spray paints have a bad or nonuser-friendly spraying system. The Pintyplus allows you to spray paint smoothly after shaking it properly. It won’t clog easily.

Very Light Texture

Many paint surfaces require a light texture that many spray paints fail to provide. You can get a light texture by applying a thin coat. Hence, it is highly flexible.

What I Like
  • More than average coverage
  • Nozzle doesn’t clog
  • No stinky fumes after drying
  • Weather-resistant formula
What I don’t Like
  • Too strong smell

For Whom To Use

When you are searching for spray paint that can offer a unique light texture and has higher coverage, this option is worth considering. This Interior Decorating Spray Paint adheres to any kind of support including stone, paper, cardboard, garden tables or even chandeliers.

How to Find the Perfect Spray Paint for Your Project?

Choosing the right matte black spray paint requires you consider some crucial factors. Interested to know the perfect way to pick a black spray paint? Check out these tips.

a) Inside or Outside

Determining whether you will use the paint for inside or outside purposes is crucial. Separate versions are available. Choose a particular one based on your painting project.

b) Gloss or Flat Finish

What type of finish do you prefer? Gloss or flat? A flat black finish has a tiny or no-sheen, while gloss paint has a higher reflection and sheen.

Choose a flat finish if you want to conceal surface imperfections. But you can use a gloss black finish for high-traffic areas.

c) Color Scheme

Choosing the right color scheme is important. It should match the area you want to paint. Ensuring a perfect color combination and consistent color flow is a solid rule of thumb.

How to Easily Achieve A Matte Black Finish on Your Projects?

Applying black spray paint is not as complicated as you think. All you need to do is follow some simple steps. Below are some common steps you can follow.

  • At first, you want to remove all the dust, grease, and dirt from the surface you want to spray paint.
  • Apply multiple layers of spray paints. It will depend on the finish you want to achieve.
  • Make sure to give a break of 24 hours after applying each coat. They should be dried completely.
  • After applying the last coat and drying the surface properly, use fine-grit sandpaper to moderately sand the surface. This will help to get rid of unwanted paint.
  • Polish the painted surface using a soft fabric. This will give it an eye-catchy shine.
  • Let the painted surface properly dry throughout the night.
  • If you think the surface still needs additional coats, follow the previous steps to add further layers of paint. Achieve your ultimate coverage.
  • Finally, add the topcoat finish. It will protect the paint from adverse environmental conditions, including water and direct sunlight.

Painting Techniques for a Perfect Matte Black Finish

Some extra tips may help you get a better result while painting with matte black. Check out these hands-on suggestions by experts.

i) Avoid single-stage Paints

When a particular surface needs minimal paint, you may apply single-stage paint. This may save your time. But the coat won’t be long-lasting. But total coat counts will vary based on the surface.

ii) Proper Sanding

Why is sanding important before painting? It gives you an eye-catchy smooth finish. Plus, it removes imperfections. Hence, before applying the old painted surface, preparing the surface through sanding is a solid rule of thumb.

iii) Do A Test Swatch

Avoid applying the paint on the whole area of your preferred surface. Instead, paint it in a small area. Let it dry properly. Inspect what color and matte finish it provides. Once it seems okay, you go for the whole area.

iv) Protect Unwanted Area

Generally, we use matte black paint on a particular area. So, protecting the unwanted area is necessary. You can use painter’s tape or masking tape to safeguard non-preferred spots.

The Advantages of Using Matte Black Spray Paint

Why should you apply matte black spray paint instead of typical black color? Here are some points that give you reasons to use it on your desired surface.

a) Clean and Unique Appearance

Matte black can provide a clean and unique appearance on metal, plastic, and other surfaces. It makes the painting surface like a museum piece.

b) More Forgiving

Compared to other light spray paints, matte black spray paints are more forgiving. It is good at fixing uneven textures that you mistakenly did.

c) Perfect for Hiding Imperfections

Wondering how to hide stains, marks, flaws, and other imperfections from your vehicle surfaces? Nothing might come close to matte black spray paint.

d) Resilient to Contaminants

Whether salt, snow, and other contaminants, this type of clear coat are not prone to discoloration and fading. Its shielding layer is highly protective.

e) Simple to Clean

Not all spray paints after simple to clean once they are fully cured. Thankfully, matte black spray paints are effortless to clean. Most of them are washable too.

f) Easy to Remove

Many use matte black paints temporarily for a particular project. The formula of this paint is purposely engineered for quick removal with no hassles.

matt black spray paint

Is Matte Black Challenging Paint?

Just like other spray paints, matte black is not free from flaws. It has some drawbacks too. Here are a few challenges you will face if you decide to apply this paint.

i) Prone to Get Dirty

One of the main drawbacks is that this spray paint is more prone to get dirty. Once it becomes excessively dirty, it will look old and crappy.

ii) More Maintenance Is Required

Though matte black spray paints are easy to clean, they require regular cleaning. You should not let it have any scratches. Otherwise, it will be hard to remove.

iii) Can’t Last More than 6 Months

Most manufacturers recommend removing it after six months. Otherwise, they will peel off and look too dull and old.

Trick to Paint Anything Matte Black in Minutes

Following some spray painting techniques and tips can help you get a reliable result and maintain it for a possible time.

i) Choosing the Right Cleaning Product

Choosing the right paint is important since you need to maintain a neat and tidy appearance for the matte black finish. Test it on a small surface before using it.

ii) Selecting the Ideal Object to Paint

According to experts, it is a good rule of thumb not to choose a too old or too new car or any metal surface to prevent damaging the stock paint.

iii) Apply It in a Well-Ventilated Area

Since spray painting is not a piece of cake, being cautious enough is important to get a precise result. Try applying the paint in a well-ventilated area.

Which Features to Look for When Purchasing Matte Black Spray Paint?

Here are some important factors to consider when looking for the best one:

a) Paint Type

Matte Black Spray Paints come in two types: water-based and solvent-based. Water-based paint is simple to apply and has an affordable price.

On the contrary, solvent-based is slightly pricey but highly durable spray paint. They are tricky to apply too.

b) Coverage

Aim at choosing a spray paint that provides even coverage at a minimal amount. But its result should be consistent.

c) VOC Content

Selecting spray paint with minimal VOC content is a good rule of thumb. Higher levels of chemicals will cause more harm to the environment.

d) Paint Thickness

You can choose either thicker or thinner paints. Thinner paints are easy to apply but require applying several coatings.

On the other hand, thicker paints are tricky to apply and require special skills. But they need a minimal amount.

e) Resistance to Scratching

If the surface you want to apply is a highly traffic-based area, you want to spray paint with scratch-resistant properties.


Is Flat Black Spray Paint the Same as Matte Black?

Matte black is similar to satin black, while flat black spray paint doesn’t have any gloss.

Does Rustoleum Come in Matte Black?

Yes, Rustoleum brands offer several Matte Black spray paints in their product lines.

What Is the Best Matte Black Spray Paint for A Car?

Rust-Oleum 276779 Automotive Peel Spray is one of the best matte black spray paint for cars on the market.

What Makes A Matte Black Spray Paint Different from A Regular Black Paint?

A regular black paint doesn’t have any gloss and shine, while a matte black spray paint has a higher shine but minimal or no gloss.

Do You Use Any Kind of Primer to Finish matte black spray painting?

I have not used a primer when painting matte black, but I would recommend using one. A primer will help the paint adhere better to the surface and will help to create a smoother finish.

How Long Does Matte Black Spray Paint Last?

Matte black spray paint can last for a long time if applied correctly. However, it is important to note that it is not permanent and will eventually fade over time. It usually lasts around six months to five years before it needs to be repainted.


Though all spray paint mentioned above has decent quality, Tamiya 85006 Lacquer is my top pick. If you don’t prefer anything from My list yet, you can try it.

You can apply this spray paint quickly and effortlessly due to its special formula. It is more forgiving to hide uneven textures and imperfections.

Besides choosing a high-quality matte black spray paint, it’s also crucial to apply the paint correctly. Otherwise, you won’t get a perfect result.

Hopefully, My above discussion has helped you learn some important details and assist you in selecting the best one.