6 Best Spray Paint for Wicker Furniture 

Best Spray Paint for Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is a top choice for indoor and outdoor purposes. They can add an airy and light feel. Plus, its affordability, flexibility, durability, and versatility make it a perfect pick among various households. But one key question arises: can you paint it effortlessly?

Getting a professional painting service for wicker further is not costly but also time-consuming. Using spray paints can be one of the best alternatives to obtain your preferred results. However, choosing the best spray paint for wicker furniture is crucial to get the best bang. 

After considering various vital aspects of spray paints, I finally chose top-of-the-line products to lighten your preferred wicker furniture. If you want to impress your friends and family members with your elegant works, keep reading until I finish. 

Can You Spray Paint Wicker Furniture?

Many often ask: Is it better to paint or spray paint wicker? According to many experts, spray paint is preferred for wicker furniture. It can help you to get a consistent finish.

However, it can be messy for wrong weather forecasting. Painting during a warm temperature is the best option. You will need at least two days to complete the painting session. There should be no windy, foggy, or rainy weather.

Why Use Spray Paint on Wicker Furniture?

Knowing the correct spray paint technique can make the painting of any wicker furniture piece of cake. Unlike brushes, you can have better accessibility to all hard-to-reach areas. 

Additionally, spray paint can help you have quick coverage. Also, it gives you the flexibility to work on different types of wicker furniture. 

Getting pieces painted beautiful wicker seems convenient too. After all, they adhere well to the surface. Just make sure to use high-quality spray paint. 

What Types of Spray Paint Is Best for Wicker?

You can use different types of spray paints for painting wicker furniture. Urethane, latex, and oil-based paints are the top choice for various wicker pieces. 

i) Urethane-based Spray Paint

Urethane is a new type of spray paint. Though it is a little pricey, it adds solid and durable paint. UV rays, rain, snow, etc., will cause minimal harm to it. After all, it is resistant to abrasion, impact, and scratch. It can provide a high gloss finish as well.

ii) Latex-based Spray Paint 

Latex-based spray paint is another common one used for wicker furniture. It is easy to apply and touch up. This non-flammable paint appears simple to clean up with water. However, it is relatively short-lasting. You will show peeling-off issues within a few years. 

iii) Oil-based Spray Paint 

Oil-based spray paint is highly versatile for various spray paint types. They provide consistent and better coverage. Applying them in high-traffic areas appears practical. You can expect to have a smooth painting with minimal or no shrinking.  

What is today’s Most Popular Spray Paint for Wicker Models?

Quality products deliver quality results. So, what is the best spray paint to use on wicker? After diving into the market in-depth, I finally chose the six best spray paint for wicker furniture. Here are their reviews:

1. Rust-Oleum 327900 Accents Spray Paint

If you want to spray paint with even coverage and excellent color, you can’t go wrong with this Rustoleum wicker spray paint. It can show great transformation to redecorate your furniture. 

Rust-Oleum 327900 Accents Spray Paint

i) 87 Color Options 

This versatile spray paint comes with 87 color options. Finding a color that matches your furniture is simple. Also, it is available in two sizing and pack options. 

ii)  Glossy And Vibrant Finish

 Adding a glossy and vibrant finish appears simple with this spray paint for wicker outdoor furniture. The accent paint can provide a bolder color to create an aesthetic look on the surface.

iii) Highly Versatile 

Apart from any wicker furniture, you can apply this paint on wood, plastic, metal, wicker, plaster, unglazed ceramic, and many other objects. 

iv) Convenient to Apply 

This wicker spray paint requires only 20 to 30 minutes to dry. With 12-ounce spray paint, you can cover up to 12 sq. ft. Apart from being cost-effective, it will save you time too.


  • Endless color options
  • Full coverage
  • Fresh shine to surfaces
  • Highly versatile


  • Strong odor

For Whom to Use

This Rust-Oleum grey spray paint for wicker is ideal for getting professional and precise painting results. Apply the paint to a 60 degrees Fahrenheit temperature for better drying.

2. Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane Aerosol Spray

This Minwax spray paint can deliver an exceptionally even satin finish for different types of wicker furniture. You can apply it on boats, signposts, wooden benches, and other outdoor items. 

Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane Aerosol Spray

i) Protective Clear Finish

This spray paint for wicker furniture is ideal for using various interior and exterior projects. Its specially formulated varnish will provide excellent protection from UV rays.

ii) Long-lasting Protection

Special oils are used to create a durable finish. It can contract and expand when temperature and season change. Also, moisture and rain will cause minimum harm to the wicker furniture.   

iii) Eye-Catchy Satin Finish

This best oil-based spray paint for wicker furniture adds a satin finish to give a smooth, velvety look with extra gloss. The soft and unique sheen it adds to your surface will make you out of words.

iv) Fortified Alkyd Resin Formula 

Minwax uses special Fortified Alkyd resin formula to dry the paint hard without any brittle finish. Plus, it remains workable (wet) for a reasonable period to get a precise result. 


  • High-quality protective coating
  • Soft, unique sheen
  • Easy to work on
  • Sleek satin finish 


  • Takes a little time to dry

For Whom To Use

People in the market for highly protective, especially formula spray paint for wicker furniture, will surely love this paint. It is worth the price you spend.

3. Thompson’s Water Seal Aerosol

Are you looking for waterproof spray paint for wicker furniture? Thompsons TH.010100-18 appears a perfect option to protect your wicker surface from water and moisture. 

Thompson's Water Seal Aerosol

i)  ASTM C309 Certification 

This waterproof spray for wicker furniture has ASTM C309 Certification. It is dust-proof. Make sure to let it dry properly. Then, it will become extremely hard. 

ii) Weather Resistant

You can use the product with solvent-thinned paints. Its weather-resistant properties ensure minimal damage when exposed to adverse weather. 

iii) Super Flexible 

Using this versatile spray paint for concrete, brick, stone, plaster, wood, and asbestos is entirely okay. Water and other things won’t be able to affect its paint quality. 

iv) Several Waterproofing Stain Colors

This best paint for wicker furniture is available in different waterproofing stain color options. Acorn brown, woodland cedar, harvest gold, maple brown, sequoia red, etc., are the top choice.


  • Even smooth painting results
  • Different Waterproofing Stain Colors
  • Ideal for small projects
  • Clean and clear protective coat


  • Pricey than similar options 

For Whom To Use

This spray paint is an excellent option for reliable water sealant results. It allows you to spray the paint evenly. Also, the paint can hold up well during the winter and spring weather.

4. SEYMOUR 620-1413 Industrial MRO

Some DIYers prefer extra coverage from minimal quality. This high-quality SEYMOUR spray paint comes with effective formula. Plus, it can provide reliable and better coverage than others.

SEYMOUR 620-1413 Industrial MRO Spray Paint

i) No Runs or Sags

This black spray paint for wicker furniture isn’t prone to running or sagging issues. Its high-quality formula and perfect thin level ensure a good paint distribution.

ii)  Higher Coverage

Getting around 3-4 times better coverage than regular paints is easy-going with this spray paint. Its thicker formula requires minimal paint to apply. This makes it cost-effective too. 

iii) Heat and Abrasion Resistant 

Erosion or extreme impact won’t cause any harm to this reliable SEYMOUR paint. The spray paint generally adds rigid, flexible, thicker coatings to provide comprehensive protection. 

iv) Only Single Based Coat

Most spray paints need several light coatings. Thankfully, this natural wicker color spray paint requires one layer of paint. Make sure it is thick enough for perfect coverage. 


  • Thick and smooth paint
  • 100% coverage with one coat
  • No running and sagging
  • Super hard and durable 


  • Requires a longer time to dry

For Whom To Use

SEYMOUR 620-1413 is a practical choice for a consistent, non-reflective, and durable result. It adds a powder-coated finish to the wicker furniture surface. 

5. Krylon K05160307 ColorMaster Paint

Krylon K05160307 is a decent choice for spray painting and priming. The unit is available in several color options. It can provide a glossy shine to your wicker furniture. 

Krylon K05160307 ColorMaster Paint

i) Great Adaptability

This black spray paint for wicker furniture has excellent adaptability. You can work with it for indoor and outdoor projects. Plastic, metal, wood, etc., are the top choices for this paint. 

ii) 10 Minutes Dry Time

Are you in a hurry? Krylon K05160307 takes only 10 minutes to dry. Hence, you can finish off your painting quickly. It is a convenient choice for larger painting projects. 

iv) Covermax Technology

Krylon added Covermax technology for this high-quality paint. It can provide superior coverage. Plus, getting brilliant color is another appreciable point about this spray paint. 

v) Several Styles, Colors, And Sizes

The unit has 18 colors, seven styles, and three sizing options. Therefore, you can utilize this spray paint for small and large projects. Also, it adds extra convenience for ample finishes.


  • Clearcoat finish
  • Works as a primer
  • Several colors, styles, and sizes
  • Superfast drying 


  • Spraying at different angles can be challenging

For Whom To Use

This Krylon spray paint is an ideal option for getting fade-resistant results. It provides an outstanding layer of protection on the wicker furniture surface. So, the paint can meet your expectation. 

6. Rust-Oleum 247564 Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 247564 is a great option to protect wicker furniture from dirt and stains. Plus, extreme weather will cause minimal harm to the paint. It can last several years easily. 

Rust-Oleum 247564 Universal All Surface Spray Paint

i) Flat Finish

Does your wicker chair or table have a lot of imperfections? This spray painting wicker chair can effectively hide any surface flaws. Its low-sheen appearance keeps the impression optimal.

ii) Special Oil-based Formula

The unit is made from Oil-based formula. Rust, fading, and chipping are not good friends of this spray paint. After all, the paint adheres well to the surface. Just apply it correctly and evenly.

iii) Works On Various Surfaces

DIYers work on various surfaces. This good-quality spray paint is easily workable on wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass, concrete, wicker, vinyl, and other common surfaces. 

iv) 25 Color Options

Rust-Oleum 247564 is available in color options. Flat black, white, gloss black, canary yellow, cobalt blue, etc., are the top choice from this unit. 


  • Works on various surfaces
  • 25 color options
  • Special oil-based formula
  • Good at hiding imperfections


  • Cans are prone to leakage

For Whom To Use

This Rust-Oleum paint is resistant to fading, chipping, and UV rays. You won’t be wrong for expecting long-lasting durability. It can last several years with minimal maintenance. 

How to Choose a Spray Paint for Wicker Furniture 

I have already reviewed some top-quality wicker spray paints. But learning the technique of selecting the right spray paint is crucial too. Here are a few essential factors for choosing the best spray paint for outdoor wicker furniture.  

i) Primer or No Primer 

Wicker furniture doesn’t have a porous surface. Most of them don’t need priming. Usually, you don’t need to use a primer. Read the spray paint instructions. It will tell about the requirement of priming. 

ii) Different Colors and Finishes 

Not all wicker furniture will need the same color and finish. Choosing the appropriate color is essential to make the painting project successful.

Matte, satin, enamel, gloss, semi-gloss, etc., are different finishes. Select the appropriate one by getting a recommendation from an expert. 

iii) Surface Type 

The surface type will determine the kind of spray paint you need. If it is plastic wicker furniture, choose spray paint specially designed for plastic material. It should be weather resistant if your furniture is outside.

iv) Easy to Apply

Wicker furniture has some tricky zones. They are often difficult to apply. Spray paint with a High-precision trigger allows you to spray conveniently at different angles. You can use paint on every inch of the furniture. Choose a spray paint that has these features.  

v) Concealment of Imperfections 

Want to paint your old wicker furniture? They may already have many stains and abnormalities from years of usage. Quality spray paint has excellent hiding power. It adds a precise finish to your furniture surface to expeditiously conceal all defects.

Different Types of Wicker Furniture Can Be Painted Through Spray Paint

Wicker furniture generally comes in two types: natural and synthetic. Natural wickers are made from raffia, rattan, seagrass, and willow. Contrastly, people use a form of plastic to make synthetic wicker furniture. 

Painting natural wicker requires you to first sand and seal the surface properly. Then use a compatible color to give it a perfect aesthetic look. Most synthetic furniture is mainly suitable for the outdoors. So, choose weather-resistant spray paint. It should take time to fade. 

Do You Need A Primer Before Spray Painting On Wicker Furniture?

DIYers mainly use primers to seal the wicker surface. It also ensures better paint adhesion. Many spray paints have priming properties. Hence, you don’t need to use primer separately. 

Go through the spray paint description. It generally tells about the requirement of spray paint separately. Otherwise, the product itself will work as a primer. 

Make sure to use two coats of primer. This will ensure the minimal requirement of the final paint coat. Not using any primer will increase the consumption of final paint heavily. 

One of our favorite primers for wicker furniture is Zinsser 272479. Its oil-based formula is suitable for interior/exterior use. The primer has stain-blocking resistance properties. 

Zinsser 272479 Spray Primer

It is effective in concealing imperfections with just one coat. The primer is versatile to use on various surfaces drywall, concrete, wood, masonry, metal, etc. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Spray Painting on Wicker Furniture

Newbies are often prone to make mistakes in spray paint on wicker furniture. Here are the top mistakes you should avoid. 

i) Not Cleaning the Wicker Surface

Clean the wicker surface with Windex or a similar solution to remove all the dust and other substances. Otherwise, it will cause peeling or chipping issues. 

ii) Not Sanding and Priming 

Your wicker furniture may have an uneven surface. Proper sanding will make it smooth and even. Also, prime the wicker appropriately to ensure better paint adhesion.

iii) Choosing Inappropriate Color 

You should use some bright, funky colors on your wicker furniture. But they may look like cheap garbage for incompatibility. Hence, choosing the right type of color is essential. 

Tips to Extend the Useful Life of Spray Paint

Generally, spray paint on wicker furniture is a long-term investment. But following the proper techniques is crucial. We have already mentioned what spray paint and primer to use on wicker furniture. Here are practical tips to extend spray paint’s helpful life. 

  • If your wicker furniture is made of plastic materials, ensure the spray paint you choose suits the plastic surface.
  • Using a compatible primer is mandatory when you want to apply a light shade of paint on your dark wicker furniture.
  • Make sure you decide what look you want to achieve through spray paint because wicker furniture has a horrendously uneven texture.
  • After cleaning the wicker furniture with a decent solution, allow it to dry appropriately for several hours.
  • Choosing a well-ventilated area is a good rule of thumb to achieve full coverage.

Our Top Pick: Rust-Oleum 327900

We have already mentioned some top-of-the-line spray paints for wicker furniture. However, if you want to choose only a special one, I recommend the Rust-Oleum 327900.

This high-quality spray paint is available in endless color options. The unit is highly versatile and convenient for various types of wicker to get a glossy and vibrant finish.


What Is the Price Range for Spray Paint for Wicker Furniture?

The price range of spray paint for wicker furniture can be anywhere from $5 to $16, depending on the quality, color, finish, and brand.

u003cstrongu003eCan I Spray Paint Wicker Furniture Indoors?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, most spray paints are suitable for indoor and outdoor wicker furniture. Keep the indoor furniture outside while spray painting for proper ventilation.

u003cstrongu003eWhen Should I Start Spray Painting My Wicker Furniture?u003c/strongu003e

If the color of wicker furniture has already faded or peeled off heavily, you can use compatible spray paint to give it a new appearance. Make sure to sand it properly before painting.

u003cstrongu003eWhat Are the Best Colors to Paint Wicker Furniture?u003c/strongu003e

You can use natural and classic colors to spray paint wicker furniture. Beige, yellow, navy/light blue, etc., are popular choices for wicker furniture.

u003cstrongu003eHow Many Cans of Spray Paint for The Wicker Chair?u003c/strongu003e

Generally, one can of spray paint is enough for a wicker chair. But you may need another can of paint to add a light color.


So, which option appears to be the best spray paint for wicker furniture? Apart from our top pick, you can choose the Minwax Helmsman if it seems perfect for your painting project.

Regardless of your choice, they can provide a durable and beautiful finish to your wicker furniture. They effectively transform your old furniture and give it a completely new like nowhere. 

Make sure you know the correct technique for spray paint. Also, choose the right color after considering several factors. If it is required, seek a recommendation from an expert to select the best color and finish for your wicker furniture.