5 Best Spray Paint for Hydro Dipping- Keep Your Project Floating!

Best Spray Paint for Hydro Dipping

Hydro dipping is a particular painting approach that has recently created hype among DIYers and crafters. But why do people prefer this painting process? It is a helpful technique to make your spray paint adhere well, get even coverage, and ensure long-lasting durability.

But choosing the best spray paint for hydro dipping is vital for making your painting project successful. Wrong or cheap-quality spray paints won’t allow you to precisely paint on the desired surface or materials. You are wondering how to get reliable spray paint for hydro dipping?

After taking several experts’ recommendations and considering dozens of users’ feedback, I have finally chosen a few top-of-the-line spray paints for hydro dipping. They can help you to apply a perfect color to your desired materials. Let’s figure them out quickly!

What Is the Purpose of Hydro Dipping?

Hydro dipping is a unique painting procedure to add colors and graphics to a particular object. It creates almost a similar three-dimensional object appearance.

This painting approach adds a distinctive look to the particular surface, like a special painting. You can use hydro drip on various objects such as hardwood, metal, plastic, glass, etc.

Hydrographics dipping has many advantages. You can create thousands of patterns. This type of painting technique is not prone to shrinkage.

It adds a realistic appearance. You can a smooth transmission of the desired pattern. It is heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. Getting precise and even coverage is so easy too.

Compared to other regular paintings, this water transfer printing is highly durable and doesn’t prone to chip off easily. They are pretty affordable than special paintings.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use for Hydro Dipping?

Can you use any paint for hydro dipping? When it comes to hydro dipping, you can use three types of paints. But your intended object and the paint finish you want both are important to consider.

i) Spray Paint

Spray painting is the most popular and widely used approach for hydro dipping. Apart from regular flat surfaces, you can use spray paints to create “3D” objects on various tricky things.

Since there is no limitation to using any particular spray paints, you can be so creative. You first add spray paints one by one in different areas with various unique colors.

Finally, you create intricate patterns to get an eye-catchy appearance. Aside from new spray paints, using old spray cans is also suitable for hydro dipping.

ii) Oil-Based Paints

Oil-Based Paints are ideal for when you are going to hydro dripping only flat surfaces like canvas or paper. You can get marbled effects using oil-based paints.

You first spread the paint on the flat surface. Then use a tiny painting tool to add spiraling patterns. A straw comes in handy to move the paint in different directions by blowing to create unique decorations and layouts.

iii) Acrylic Paints

Though Acrylic Paint is not as popular as the other two options, it is still usable. However, be cautious while using this paint. Otherwise, you will end up sinking the paint to the base.

In order to add marbled effects, you can use a tiny painting tool or a straw. This allows you to create unique patterns and special forms of paintings.

Why Should You Use Spray Paints for Hydro Dipping?

The spray paint approach is the best choice if you are new to hydro dipping. These paints are easy to work with. You don’t need to worry about paint dripping onto the water.

Having impressive control and consistency is what you will appreciate about them. But don’t think you will get similar colors, finishes, and results from all of them.

Many spray paint used for hydro dipping can adhere to a wide range of surfaces, but a few are specially made to work better on particular objects.

What Spray Paint to Use for Hydro Dipping?

Can You Use Any Spray Paint for Hydro Dipping? Experts recommend using oil or synthetic-based spry paints for hydro dipping. They are smooth and provide great coverage.

Oil-based spray paint is perfect for hiding imperfects or damaged areas. Plus, they can provide excellent color depth and range. Maintaining consistency is also effortless with them.

Avoid using any water-based spray paints since they don’t have the capability to float well. So, you will fail to apply perfect shades or highlights for a realistic depth and dimension.

What Is the Best Hydro Dipping Spray Paint?

Not all spray paints will work equally and give your preferred results. You should be picky about picking an ideal one.

i) Hydrographic Film Activator

Some DIYers work on various projects. Hence, they need highly versatile spray paints. This spray appears a good choice in this regard.

Hydrographic Film Activator

Easy To Use

This spray paint has a unique formula that works smoothly on most objects. Whether beginners or experts, everyone will experience the ease of application on different surfaces.

High-quality Formula

This spray paint for hydro dipping has an efficient formula to provide a long-lasting and high-resolution coating on your preferred surface.

Eye-catchy result

The manufacturer uses decent-quality inks and PVA to ensure consistent and sparkling results. The way it will transform the paint color and texture will surely be worth checking out.

Fully Versatile

It is perfect for all, whether you want to use this water spray paint dipping on metal, camouflage, wood grain, or stone. You can create a diverse selection of beautiful patterns.

  • Special high-quality formula
  • Vibrant and long-lasting results
  • Work with a lot of stuff
  • Economical pricing
  • Powerful odor

For Whom To Use

People looking for a versatile and affordable spray paint will surely like this for its unrivaled results at such an economical price.

ii) Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Spray Paint

Do you give more preference to color and coverage than anything else? If yes, Rust-Oleum 277239 seems a great choice. It can handle painting jobs smoothly with minimal errors.

Rust-Oleum 277239 Stops Rust Spray Paint

Internal and External Uses

You can use this oil based spray paint hydro dipping for internal and external purposes. It can effectively handle surfaces like wood, metal, concrete, masonry, etc.

Extreme Protection

Since this Rustoleum spray paint for hydro dipping has an oil-based formula, adverse weather, corrosion, and rust can’t cause any harm to the surface you want to spray.

Great Coverage

Many reviewers recommended it as the best spray paint for hydro dipping due to its simple and even coverage. You will need 2-4 coats depending upon the surface.

Highly Long-lasting

Since the spray paint is highly resistant to abrasion, fading, and chipping, its original will remain for a long time. Reviewers commented that it still looks new even after 6 months of painting.

  • Perfect for internal and external uses
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Excellent coverage
  • No abrasion, fading and chipping
  • A little slow to dry

For Whom To Use

DIYers who want durable hydro dipping with spray paint and excellent coverage will like this unit. It is available in 2 packs to 12 packs and has around 40 color options.

iii) DIP Demon Hydro Graphic Activator

Are you planning to hydro drip a massive item or anything that needs a lot of paint? Dip Demon hydro dipping spray paint has an efficient formula that provides better painting with a minimal amount.

DIP Demon Hydro Graphic Activator

A Good Activator

A decent activator plays a crucial role in making your hydro dipping successful. Since it is adequately tested for household and professional usage, you won’t face any issues.

Smooth Working

Sometimes the quality of paint can affect your spray painting ability. Since the manufacturer developed a high-functional nozzle, it doesn’t clog easily, and paint will come out smoothly.

Simple to Apply

The good-quality spray paint dipping is perfectly formulated to give a dazzling. You can liquefy anything with just a straightforward pass.


It is a 16 Oz Aerosol Spray Can, perfect for handling bulky projects. More importantly, a little goes a long way, making it more cost-friendly.

  • Perfect for household and professional usage
  • A high-functional nozzle
  • Liquefy easily
  • Ideal for bulky projects
  • Not suitable for all surfaces

For Whom To Use

It is a budget-friendly option that can handle a bulk hydro dipping project with a massive quantity of paint.

iv) Dip Bite OP-6191 Hydrographic Paint

If you are in the market for spray paint that can quickly provide a super smooth and dry, the Dip Bite product seems an excellent choice to consider.

Dip Bite OP-6191 Hydrographic Paint

No Running Or Dripping

Beginners often paint too much or too heavy, leading to dripping and running issues. Since the spray paint is more forgiving, you can provide an excellent gloss with a delicate balance.

Perfect Base Coat

This beginner-friendly spray paint can provide a smooth base coating, giving a professional-like finish. Some users even used it in their pistols since it stuck pretty well.

Quick Drying Formula

Since this spray paint has a quick-drying formula, it is easy to coat. You can recoat the surface within a short time. This will save you time.


As the spray paint comes with a solvent-based formula, you can expect a tougher finish. Hence, the original painting lasts for a long time. And external factors will merely affect the paint.

  • No dripping and running issues
  • a professional-like finish
  • Easy to coat
  • Tougher finish
  • An activator needed to process the film

For Whom To Use

Crafters or enthusiastic painters who have been searching for a more forgiving spray paint that is solvent-based and dries quickly, this unit from Dip Bite OP-6191 is a perfect pick.

v) Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover

Do you love to get a rich color that can add a classic look to the final project? This Rust-Oleum 249863 2X Ultra Cover spray paint can give your desired object a perfect color you have been craving for a long time.

Rust-Oleum 249863 Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover

Richer Look

This spray paint offers a gloss finish on the surface you want to paint. It will look fresh and new by hiding the imperfections and giving a smooth appearance.

20 Minutes Dry Time

The spray paint takes only 20 minutes to dry, ready for the subsequent coating. This will help you complete the entire painting project swiftly.

Minimal Odor

Some spray paints have a strong smell. They are not suitable for indoor uses. But this unit releases minimal odor during the spray paint. So, using it on interior surfaces will be no issue.

43 Color Variations

If you are a regular painter, you will need various colors of spray paints. This water dipping spray paint has 43 color options, so you have ample color choices.

  • Richness in color
  • Faster drying time
  • Low odor
  • Ample color variations
  • A little bit thin formula

For Whom To Use

If you want richness in your paint color that looks full and clear, Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover appears to be a practical choice. You won’t see any murky or indecisive appearance on the painted surface.

My Top Pick Spray Paint to Use for Hydro Dipping

Each spray paint I reviewed above can show reliable performance. But Hydrovator Hydro Dipping Aerosol appears the best overall choice.

It is highly versatile to use on a wide range of surfaces. You will get a consistent and vibrant paint finish due to its high-quality inks and PVA. Most importantly, it has an affordable price.

What Are the Best Things to Hydro Dip?

One of the most convenient things about hydro dip is its versatility. So, what can you hydro dip? Glass, metal, paper, plastic, and wood are suitable for hydro dipping.

Many people use hydro dipping on vehicle wheels, guitars, helmets, sneakers, smartphone cases, and even some electrical devices.

As long as the particular size is compatible enough to get inside the bucket, you can use any hydro dipping materials. This won’t cause any issues.

Is Hydro Dipping Easy?

If you are only used to regular painting, hydro dipping may appear a little trick. The process involves keeping your preferred object on the surface of the water.

You need to use a full hydro dip kit to design the surface. Alternatively, making customized kits is also possible if you are expert enough.

Using the correct sized water container is one of the most challenging things for hydro dipping. The larger your object, the enormous container you will need.

Another important thing is laying the foil on the water perfectly. An improper laying approach may prevent the foil paper from sticking to the part. You may waste several foils in such a case.

However, these issues are for a short time. Hydro dipping becomes easy with a few practices. Once you learn the technique, the entire approach will be fun and smooth.

Do You Need To Prime Before Hydro Dipping?

Do you need a base coat for hydro dipping? A base coat is often defined as a primer for hydro dipping. Without a base coat, you can’t get a precise color on the final color.

A good-quality primer is necessary for hydro dipping. It ensures the transfer film adheres well to the particular object. If you don’t use a primer, you may end up having a twisted surface.

Make sure to dry the primer appropriately before transferring the film onto the part. Plus, choosing a suitable primer is necessary to get a perfect result.

You can consider this All Surface Primer from the Southern Hydrographics brand. This is one of the best primers for hydro dipping I have used. This product is pretty versatile, quick-drying, and sandable.

All Surface Primer

How Durable is Hydro Dipping Spray Paint?

Is Hydro dipping permanent? Hydro dripping can last for a decent period under ordinary circumstances. But, if you put extra force or abuse the paint, it will have scratch issues like car paint. This will damage the hydrographic finish gradually.

But how long does hydro dipping last? The longevity of a hydrographic finish can be anywhere from 5 to 15 years under normal conditions.

However, adverse weather or harsh circumstances may shorten its lifespan. The better you take care of the paint, the more long-lasting it will be.

How to Choose the best spray paint for hydro dipping?

When looking for reliable spray paint for hydro dipping, some crucial factors need to consider.

a) Pressure

Not all spray paints release the same amount of pressure. Applying a heavy coat is necessary if you use spry paints with higher pressure.

You need a thicker coat because the paint that comes out from the container has a small quantity per spray. But higher pressure will quicken your overall project time.

b) Paint Finish

Choosing the right spray paint is vital to get your preferred finish. You can get different finish types such as glossy, metallic, etc. It depends on the surface you want to paint.

c) Adhesion

The spray paint you use must have decent adhesion power for hydro dripping. Otherwise, it won’t stick well. You will notice chipping issues.

d) Color

Color ensures your hydro dipping project looks promising. Make sure to pick a compatible color. It should not become yellow over time. The color needs to be attractive and smooth too.

Advantages of Using the Hydro Dipping Technique

Using the hydro dipping technique gives several benefits over other painting approaches. Here are a few benefits of using the hydro dipping technique.

  • Hydro dipping paints are highly durable and can last for a long time.
  • It provides complete and even coverage when applied correctly.
  • This painting approach is not prone to get shrinkage issues.
  • Hydro dipping ensures the smooth transmission of a preferred pattern.
  • It adds a scratch-resistant paint surface unless you put it in extremely harsh conditions.

Tips for Applying the Spray Paint During Hydro Dipping

Here are a few tips you can apply when spraying paint during hydro dipping.

  • Make sure to tape the unwanted area before spray painting.
  • Remove all dirt and grease from the surface, and make it fully dry.
  • Applying a good base coat is essential to get a perfect final finish.
  • Before using the paint on the desired surface, practice it somewhere to test it.
  • Choose compatible primer and spray paint together.


Can You use Regular Spray Paint for Hydro Dipping?

Yes, you can use regular spray paints for hydro-dipping. But following the appropriate method of spray painting is necessary to get the correct pattern and finish.

Is Hydro dipping Waterproof?

Hydro dipping offers waterproof sealant for the outer side of the painted object when you apply a high-quality and compatible base coat.

Can I use car spray paint for hydro dipping?

To get a metallic finish, you can use car spray paint for hydro dipping on most metal surfaces. But using regular spray paints for other surfaces is better.

How much is spray paint for hydro dipping?

The spray paint price for hydro dipping will vary from brand to brand. It can be anywhere from $8 to $30, depending on the quality, finish, color, and many other factors.

Can you use water-based spray paint to hydro dip?

You should not use water-based spray paint for hydro dipping since they fail to float well on the surface you want to paint.

Should I Seal Hydro Dipped Items?

Sealing hydro dipped items will make sure the paint adheres well. You will get a smooth finish. And more importantly, it will make the paint more long-lasting.

Final Thought

When it comes to choosing the best spray paint for hydro dipping, a lot of options come on the table. But not all of them are reliable enough to be deserved on your list.

Good-quality spray paint for hydro dipping is highly versatile, durable, and compatible. It also provides a smooth and vibrant finish to make the painted surface look-like fresh and new.

If you have been after a budget-friendly and versatile spray paint, you can’t go wrong with Hydrovator Hydro Dipping Aerosol . You will get a decent value from the unit.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find decent-quality spray paint to make your hydro dipping project successful.