4 Best Black Spray Paint For Wood

4 Best Black Spray Paint For Wood

We use wood for various parts in our interiors and outdoors, such as walls, paneling, furniture, doors, windows, etc. But which color you have decided to paint on the wood surface?

Many modern houses use black paint on different wood objects. Black paint brings trendy vibes and offers bold simplicity. It has become a classic and classy accent for interiors.

But when it comes to choosing the best spray paint for wood, we often struggle to choose the right one. If you have not bought any black paint before, this can be a bit hassle too.

Since you have landed on the right spot, we will help you find a reliable option. Our entire article will cover a complete guideline regarding which spray paint to use and how to use it.

Which Types of Spray Paint Work on Wood?

Three types of spray painting options are popular for wood: oil-based paints, enamel paints, and acrylic paints.

Before choosing a particular option, you want to consider some vital criteria based on your preference. The most important thing to consider is the result.

For instance, acrylic paint is better than oil-based paint if you prefer long-lasting color and sheen. It appears a good choice for faster drying time and provides a flatter, more matte finish.

When it comes to creating a tough, hard surface on wood surfaces, oil-based paints are a great choice. They are not easily prone to scuffing, chipping, and other wear & tear.

If you need a stiff, glossy, and durable finish, enamel paint is perfect for various wooden surfaces. It also has a low odor.

But all these three types of spray paints are water-proof, heat-resistant, and penetrate through wood surfaces. They are safe for outdoor usage too.

Why Use Black Spray Paint for Wood?

Why should you use black instead of any other dark color or light colors? It must have some reasons, right? Here is why you should use black on various wood surfaces.

Long-lasting Durability

Compared to regular lighter colors, black colors are better for wood surfaces for long-lasting durability. It also provides better coverage with less paint.

Hide Flaws

Do your spray paints have any old stains, imperfections, or flaws? Matte black wood paint will be a perfect choice to hide these grubby and tatty looks.

Elegant Look

Black is a neutral and timeless color that never goes out of style. It is highly versatile to work well with different color shades and tones.

What To Look For When Buying Black Spray Paint?

When it comes to choosing the best spray paint to use on wood, you don’t want to overlook some crucial factors.

The following points can help you choose a reliable option based on your preference.

What Black Shade You Prefer?

Black spray paints come in various shades, such as deep black, black olive, black green, charcoal black, etc. More than 100 underlying colors are available. Each one creates a unique shade.

It is blended with more than one color. But black remains the dominant color. People often call it a mass tone or overtone. 

One thing to remember is that spray paint colors may slightly or moderately change once they are fully dry. They may appear up to two shades darker than their wet condition.

What Kind Of Finish And Appearance You Want?

A matte black spray paint for wood is available in different finishes, such as semi-gloss, glossy, flat, matte, etc.

If you want a subtle yet noticeable sheen, a semi-gloss finish is a perfect choice. It can provide an aesthetic appeal on the wood surface.

Do you want to apply the best black spray paint for wood on any outside furniture? A glossy finish appears perfect to preserve the wooden element from deteriorating.

Does your wood surface have any tiny cracks, patches, or other imperfections? If so, a matte finish works well for this purpose. It is also ideal for homes with children, pets, and high-traffic areas.

If you want to apply black spray paint on wood ceilings or walls, a flat finish suits well for this purpose.

What Type Of Wood Do You Want To Paint?

Surely, we don’t use the same type of wood for cabinets, doors, furniture, ceilings, and walls. Woods are mainly available in three types: softwood, hardwood, and engineered wood.

When it comes to applying black spray paint on hardwood, oil-based paint is the best choice. They have increased durability, superior coverage, and long-lasting finish.

Enable spray paints to work well on softwood as they have decent adhesion and weathering properties.

Acrylic paint works well on engineered wood to create a sturdier and smoother surface. But make sure to sand, prime, and seal it appropriately to achieve a fresh look.

Does The Spray Paint Have A Simple Design For Easier Application?

High-quality products bring top-level results. One of the crucial things for spray paints is their nozzle design. Nozzles come in various types, such as full cones, hollow cones, flat streams, etc.

Make sure the nozzle releases the pain paint consistently with your preferred pattern. It must distribute the fluid evenly over the particular area.

Another important thing is that the cap of the spray paint plays a vital role regarding the shape, thickness, reach, and strength of the paint’s spray.

How Long Does It Takes To Dry?

The drying time of a spray paint depends on its formula and paint type. Spray paints can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 8 hours to dry.

But you can’t overlook the wood type, wood surface texture, humidity, airflow, temperature, and most importantly, the paint’s thickness level.

Generally, oil-based spray paints take 6-8 hours, and enamel spray paints take 30-60 minutes to dry. Acrylic paints become dry within 10-30 minutes.

Which Black Spray Paint Brand is the Best?

Dozens of brands manufacture and sell spray paints. But not all of them are reliable. Rust-Oleum, Krylon, Seymour, and Montana are some most popular brands.

Rust-Oleum is notorious for its high-quality spray paint. Their paints are not susceptible to scratch, peel, or chip like poor-quality paints. They offer a durable and excellent finish.

If you want great value for money, you can consider Krylon. Their spray paints can protect your wood surfaces from rust, UV fading, and weather damage.

When it comes to minimal drips, even coverage, and long-lasting color, Seymour is an excellent choice. Even rust, chemicals, heat, gas, and oil will cause minimal damage.

01. Montana Cans MXG-S9000

Are you looking for the best matte black paint for wood furniture? If so, this high-quality paint from Montana appears to be a perfect choice.

montana gold

Non-reflective Appearance

Are you worrying about bothersome reflections? This matte shock black paint adds a non-reflective look to the wood surface. It hides unwanted imperfections and keeps dirt less visible.

Free From Lead & CFC

Lead-based spray paints are highly toxic that cause various health issues. Chlorofluorocarbons are also harmful due to higher concentrations. This matte black spray paint for wood is 100% lead- and CFC-free.

Versatile Product

Montana spray paint is highly versatile. You can apply it on wood, glass, metal, stone, porcelain, paper, etc. product is suitable for applying for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Acrylic-Nitro formula  

This best spray paint for wood is made with an acrylic and nitro combination to dry faster and create a harder surface. It is a perfect choice for wood and furniture coating.


  • Excellent coverage to ensure cost-effectiveness
  • A similar result to the color represented on the cap
  • Quick-drying acrylic-based formula
  • Works well with primer and filler


  • The nozzle design could be better
  • A bit runny on vertical surfaces

For Whom To Use

If you want to create a smooth and vibrant wood surface, this Montana spray paint appears to be a perfect choice. Make sure to vigorously shake the paint for 2-3 minutes for better results. Also, maintain a 10°C-15°C temperature and wait at least 10-20 minutes to dry properly.

02. Seymour 16-083

Do you want to apply black spray paint on wood decks, walkways, or steps? If so, Seymour 16-083 appears to be a perfect pick. This product is specially designed for outdoor usage.

Black 2

Epoxy Resin

Seymour black spray paint is made of Epoxy Resin to protect the wood surface from scratches, chemicals, water, oil, and gasoline. It creates a tough, water-proof wooden surface.

Special Valve

Seymour 16-083 is equipped with a special valve to smoothly escape the paint after activating it. It ensures precise fluid dispensation and even coats onto target areas with minimal drip.

User-Friendly Design

This black paint has an ergonomic spray head to provide a perfect shape, power, and reach each time you apply the paint.

Slip-resistant Coating

Many users rated it as the best black spray paint for stairs and decks. Its slip-resistant formula will keep your every traction safe.


  • Available in six different colors
  • Can resist up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit temperature
  • 12 fluid ounces to cover around 10 square feet
  • A perfect paint for slippers or wet surface


  • Needs to wear a mask if you have breathing issues
  • Some complained the spray doesn’t come out easily after a few usages

For Whom To Use

Seymour 16-083 is a perfect solution for any slippery or wet wood surfaces, such as garage floors, pathways, stairs, decks, etc. It takes only 5-10 minutes to dry.

03. Krylon K02732007

When it comes to choosing the best black spray paint for wood furniture, very few options are as reliable as Krylon K02732007. It is available in seven different finishes.

Krylon K02732007

Advanced Protection 

This reliable spray paint provides advanced protection to your wood doors or wood cabinets. You won’t have to sand or prime them. It protects the wood surface from rust stains and fades.

Simple Spray Tip

Krylon K02732007 comes with a simple push-big-button spray tip. You can spray the paint in any direction: backyard, forward, upside, or downside.

Impressive Appearance

When it comes to painting, appearance is important. This best black spray paint for wood furniture adds a modern, cozy finish and creates an enhanced look.

All-purpose Paint

Krylon K02732007 is a versatile product to apply on various surfaces, such as wood, vinyl, glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, PVC, tile, etc.


  • A simple spray tip for easier application
  • Increased adhesion to ensure a long-lasting coating
  • Offer quick and higher coverage
  • Sustains wood’s natural beauty with minimal reflection


  • Some complained about weird wrinkle texture
  • Higher pressure is needed to last portion of the paint

For Whom To Use

Krylon black spray paint is perfect to use for indoor and outdoor furniture. It has a 5 times higher adhesion of coatings to adhere for a long time, even under aggressive conditions.

04. Rust-Oleum 215215

Do you want to apply flat black spray paint on wood surfaces? Rust-Oleum 215215 fits well for this purpose. It creates a non-rusting wooden surface within a short time.

Rust-Oleum 215215

Water-based Film Forming Product

This spray paint is a water-based film-forming product. It’s minimal odor and limited VOC ensure a more comfortable and safer application.

Any-angle Spray System

This best spray paint for wood comes with an any-angle spray design to effortlessly apply the paint from any angle and difficult-to-access areas. You won’t have to worry about finger fatigue issues as it is equipped with comfortable spray tips.

Flat finish 

A glossy finish is prone to show even little flaws easily. This spray paint comes with a flat finish. It requires minimal maintenance. Dirty marks, fingerprints, and scratches won’t be easily visible.

Great Coverage

Rust-Oleum 215215 offers better coverage with less paint. Hence, 10.25 Ounces of spray paint can cover up to ‎12 sq. ft. You won’t have to worry about brush marks, bubbles, or cracks.


  • Extreme protection from aggressive conditions
  • Impressive coverage and faster drying
  • Takes only 24 hours to cure completely
  • A flat black finish to hide flaws easily


  • Not the best choice for complex woodworking projects
  • Need to cut the cap off a little bit

For Whom To Use

If you want to protect your wood surface from rust stains and other complexion for a long time, Rust-Oleum 215215 appears a perfect fit. It takes only 20-40 minutes to dry.

Benefit Of Using Spray Paint On Wood

If you can ensure high-quality spray paint, adequate space, and clog-free nozzles, spraying paint on wood will be a lifesaver. Here is how!

01. Enhanced Protection

Wooden surfaces are prone to be affected by wear and tear. Spray paints can protect them from various harmful elements.

02. Saves Time and Effort

Spray paints take less time and effort to apply than brush or roller-based paint. When it comes to applying paint on hard-to-reach areas, spray paint is a top choice.

03. Better Coverage And Minimal Wastage

Aerosol-based paints offer better coverage if you apply it correctly. It also ensures minimal wastage. You won’t have to worry about drips, spills, and visible brush strokes.

04. Precise Finish

Spray paints can provide a precise and elegant finish on wooden furniture and household interior items. They will improve the overall appearance of the spray paint.

05. Faster Drying

This type of paint allows you to apply thinner layers of paint. Hence, it will take less time to dry. You will be able to finish the project quickly. 

Tips To Master The Spray Paint Techniques On Wood

The painting result of a DIYer and a professional painting worker is not the same.

Apart from the experience, they use various techniques to get the best result.

The followings are the top tips you can utilize to learn effective techniques to apply spray paint on wood.

Tip: 1 — Prepare The Wood Piece

Before applying the paint, make sure to prepare the wood surface adequately.

Clean the wood piece and lightly sand the wood surface. Use a wax/putty filler or regular wood filler if imperfections exist.

Tip: 2 — Say No To A Single Coat

Several thinner layers of paint are better than a one-time thicker coat. They spread easily and create a smoother surface.

Besides, it gives you more control to correct mistakes. Multiple layers of thinner coats will also dry faster and provide long-lasting results.

Tip: 3 — Aim At Long, Continuous Passes 

If you want to achieve consistent and even coverage on a particular targeted area, make sure to maintain long, continuous passes.

Don’t stop in the middle of the work. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to achieve a smooth and seamless blend between the two sections.

Tip: 4 — Utilize Your Entire Arm

Don’t just move your wrist. Use your arm to get better control over the spray pattern and direction.

It will ensure better and consistent coverage if you engage your whole body. You can utilize a wider range of motion to work on intricate or detailed areas.

Tip: 5 — Place The Wood Piece At The Right Height 

Placing the wood piece at a comfortable height allows you conveniently paint it. It will help you maintain a natural posture and access all spots of the wood.

You won’t have to bend over or stretch to reach different areas. This will eliminate unwanted smudging or damage.

Final Words

Regardless of your painting skill, poor-quality spray paint will provide a bad result. It is highly important to choose the best black spray paint for wood to get a better finish.

One of the most crucial things is considering the finish and texture of the black spray paint. The actual result may slightly or moderately vary from what you see on the product level.

Make sure the matte spray paint is compatible with your particular wood object. Test the product on a small, inconspicuous area of the wood before applying it on the whole surface.