Suggestions On How To Remove Spray Paint From A Mirror

How To Remove Spray Paint From A Mirror : Top 10 Best Tips

How to remove spray paint from a mirror? Recently spray paint has gained a deserved popularity due to its usability, durability, environmental friendliness, and fastness to moisture, steam, and chemicals.

However, there is one thing to spoil this rosy picture. That is, the splashing of the paint drops on the adjoining surfaces is all but inevitable.

It is especially frustrating when spray paint stains appear on your favorite mirror surface.

Though, at first sight, this problem seems to be hard to solve. It is not exactly so.

In our article, we’ll give you some pieces of advice that will help you remove spray paint stains from your mirror surface.

In addition, the selection of the method for removing paint stains depends on how old and how large they are.

Finally, remember that all the paint stains contain more or less harmful substances. Therefore, always comply with safety rules and follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

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Safety considerations

As mentioned above, safety considerations are crucial in the process of cleaning the mirror from spray paint.

  • Chemical cleaners can contain toxic components harmful to the health of people and pets. Ensure proper ventilation of a room or, if possible, bring the affected mirror outdoors. It is strongly recommended to wear a protective mask when dealing with volatile matters.
  • Be careful when using vinegar and baking soda. Remember that vinegar is extremely acidic, and baking soda is caustic product. Avoid their contact with the skin. Wear rubber gloves.
  • During the mechanical removal of the old paint, its small solid particles may strike your eyes. It will be useful to wear the goggles.
  • Some aggressive cleaners can damage your mirror. To avoid it, try it on a nonvisibly small site of surface first.
  • Currently, the mirrors can be made of plastic, acrylic, or other alternatives to glass. The majority of people still prefer a glass mirror option despite its fragility. If possible, it would be safer to clean the mirrors with glass surface in the horizontal position to avoid the glass breaking and possible cuts.

Algorithm of getting spray paint off mirror

To select the appropriate method, you should assess the size and “age” of the paint spot, and the type of spray paint subject to removal.

Types of spray paints

Before starting to discuss the remedies against spray paint dots let us acquaint ourselves with the types of spray paints. According to their base, all spray paints are divided into three large groups: acrylic and alkyd paints, and nitrocellulose enamels.

Acrylic spray paint

These spray paints are very popular due to their quick drying feature.

However, this positive feature of acrylic spray paint makes it difficult to get it off the mirror.

To get spray paint off the mirror you can use traditional and mechanical methods. You can use the chemicals to remove paint spots but with due regard to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Alkyd spray paint

In plain words, alkyd spray paint is a mixture of alkyd varnish, as a basic component, with a thinner, coloring matter and various fillers.

The best way to get the alkyd paint is by using the appropriate solvent, for example, white spirit, nail polish remover, or other dissolving agents.

Nitrocellulose enamels

Nitrocellulose enamel is a solvent-based spray. Therefore, the best remedy for getting it off is using a special thinner of nitroenamel available in the market.

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Ways to remove spray paint spots and dots

There are many methods used to remove paint stains. In general, they are divided into four groups: traditional, mechanical, thermal, and commercial chemical cleaners.

Traditional remedies at hand

These remedies at hand are not dedicated specifically to cleaning a mirror from the spray paints. However, they show good results.

Using soapy water

If you remove the paint immediately after it splashes on the mirror or penetrates through the protective tape, the only thing you need to do is to wipe it with the soft cloth wetted with warm soapy water or liquid soap, or simply dry paper towel.

In the case of the hardened thick paint layer, it is needed to use more effective methods.

Using nail polish remover

This remedy is effective for removing not only nail polish. The active agent of a nail polish remover is acetone which, in turn, is a strong solvent able to dissolve the spray paint.

It will be enough to apply some drops of the nail polish remover on a soft cloth and gently rub the stain until getting the spray paint off mirror.

If the spot is not large you can apply a small amount of the nail polish remover on the folded paper towel and then apply the towel to the affected area and leave it for a few minutes to make it easier to wipe the stain away.

Using rubbing alcohol

Rubber alcohol is designed for disinfection purposes, sometimes it is also called surgical spirit. The volatility property of the spirit makes it good for removing stains from such fragile materials as glass.

Using cleaning vinegar

Cleaning vinegar is more effective than white vinegar. However, you can use them both to get spray paint off the mirror.

Vinegar is a very acidic substance and may damage your skin. For safety purposes, you must wear rubber gloves when working with it.

Just wet the soft cotton cloth or cotton ball with vinegar and leave it for a while to be absorbed. Then wipe the contaminated surface area with with soft cloth.

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Other home remedies

There are some other remedies used to clean the stained mirror though not intended for this purpose specifically.

Using a graffiti remover

The graffiti remover works effectively when you need to quickly remove large stains.

Using an Easy Off Oven Cleaner

Easy Off Oven Cleaner is a commercial product intended to clean ovens.

However, the effectiveness of the Easy Off Oven Cleaner in the removal of spray paints is proven in practice.

Mechanical methods used to get spray paint off a mirror

The mechanical method assumes cleaning of the affected surfaces using the tools for scraping.

Using this method is required in case of a paint layer of stain is unresponsive to less aggressive methods.

Using melamine sponge

Visually, the melamine sponge resembles foam rubber, but it feels like sandpaper or glass.

After wetting with soapy water the product becomes soft and foam appears on one side with special scratchy tendrils.

When using this magic tool, the only thing you need to do is gently rub on the stained surface until all spots disappear.

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Using a thin scraper or sharp blade

When using these tools, you should comply with the following rules.

Before scraping, apply the cotton ball or soft cloth wetted with hot soapy water or liquid soap and fix them on the affected areas to let them loosen.

Hold the tools at a 45-degree angle.

Avoid excessive pressing. This may result in scratches on the surface.

Thermal processing

Getting the spray paint off can be made much easier after heating the stained area using a hair dryer or press-iron.

If you select a hair dryer for heating, turn it on, place it in a proximate vicinity to a stain, and direct the steam of hot air to it.

Once the paint starts melting, immediately wipe it away using the cloth or scrape with the plastic card.

Cover the stained surface with thin foil and apply a hot press iron, then wipe the peeled-off paint away.

Using chemical-based commercial cleaners

The current market offers a variety of paint thinners.

When other methods are incapable of removing the thick paint spots, the paint thinners are indispensable.

When choosing a paint thinner, make sure that it is designed particularly for the type of paint that stained your mirror.

In addition, any paint thinner contains harmful substances. When dealing with them, you must wear rubber gloves.

Final words

The list of remedies to help you in struggle with paint stains is far incomplete. The goal of our article is to show that you can easily overcome this problem.

In this article, we’ve tried to outline the way and suggest the most popular methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get spray paint off of a mirror?

Yes, it is quite possible to get spray paint stain off a mirror.

However, the spray paint stains may firmly stick to glass making it impossible to remove them without special commercial cleaners. Select the suitable one depending on the type of paint.

Nail polish remover is not only the most affordable remedy. Using it is also recognized as a very effective method.

Does WD 40 remove paint from glass?

Strictly speaking, WD 40 is not a commercial cleaner. Initially, it was designed as a water-displacing lubricant.

However, it contains the white spirit that, in turn, is a strong solvent thanks to which WD 40 has become a reliable remedy against spray paint stains.

WD 40 can cause allergic reactions and irritation of the skin. Don’t forget about wearing rubber glov

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