How to Store Spray Paint Safely: Tips and Tricks from an Experienced Painter!

How To Store Spray Paint

As a professional painter, I always have a vast spray paint collection. At the beginning of my painting, I did not know the proper ways to store spray paint. As a result, many of my spray paints were ruined and even caught fire once from their flammable material.

Later I learned some fantastic processes of spray paint storage from my colleague and friends adequately. Today I will explain my experience with spray paint preservation.

In this guide, I will explain how to store spray paint cans, the ideal temperature for a spray can, and where we should not store spray paint. So, let’s go into the next section.

Where Can You Store Spray Paint?

You can store your spray color can in a safe place. Keep your spray can in such a place, so the spray will not damage because of dropped spray paint. A shelf is a secure place for storing spray paint. But make sure that nothing on the shelf can drop the spray can and cause damage.

Besides, you can store spray paint in the garage. In this case, shut off the can storage box door correctly. If the box door is left open in the store, the spray bottle will leak and be ruined. In the meantime, make sure that there has no leakage on the spray paint bottle. Moreover, remember to store spray paint in a dry and shaded place. However, avoid direct sunlight and heat. Direct sun heat can damage spray color.

Spray Paint Storage Rack

The storage rack is a dedicatedly designed box used as a spray can holder. Good to know that spray can holder rack is made to allow you to organize used and unused spray paint individually and securely. Even I can easily access several spray paints from the Storage Holder Rack.

I have found storage racks in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Storage racks are made for almost all types of spray can storage. Generally, metal, plastic, and wood are used to make spray storage racks. I have two individual racks. One is of metal, and another is wooden. You can install this rack on the shelf and walls.

Besides, there has a spray storage rack with a built-in shelf design. Using a storage rack can prevent the risks of damaging, firing, and destroying the spray paint. Moreover, it helps to find any specific spray in an emergency.

spray paint storage rack

I love to mention two storage rack names that I have still been using and get benefitted from. Durham 385-95 and ArtBin 6828AG are two excellent storage racks. Both are wall mounted. But I mostly love the ArtBin 6828AG model. Do note that the Durham storage rack is a smaller device. It can hold 4-5 spray paint cans. On the contrary, the ArtBin can hold more than 20 spray paint bottles. But both are good for indoor or home use.

I suggest a Rubbermaid commercial rack if you want a portable spray storage rack. I have one for outdoor use.

What is the Best Position to Store Spray Paint Cans?

The ideal position for a store spray paint can vary based on various factors, such as the size of the paint can, the size of the store, and the store’s layout. Mostly, I use two primary positions that have proven to be effective:

1. Upside Down

Can we store spray paint cans upside down? Yes, storing liquid paint in an upside-down position is possible. The upside-down storing position help to prevent clogging and separating the nozzle. Also, it keeps the nozzle moist and prolongs the spray paint.

However, you can’t store some spray cans upside down position because these are designed in an inverted position. But keep the spray in a secure place where there is no possibility of falling. Sudden falls may cause a hazardous spill. Also, remember to store your spray can result in as much as possible cold temperature.

2. Upright

Do you have to store paint upright? It is recommended to store spray paint upright to prevent damage and leakage. Note that the upright position keeps the paint consistency ideal for further use. Besides, an upright position or on its side position prevents clogging at the nozzle. If you store spray paint upright, it would be easier to use these later.

The manufacturer always suggests storage and use of spray paint. Remember that the stored procedure is more important than the storage position. For instance, you need to store your spray paint in a cool, shaded, secure place.

The Ways of Storing Opened Spray Paint

Are you concerned about some after-used spray paint? The ways of storing used and unused or new paint are different. I share my best experience storing used spray cans for the last few years.

  • Storing opened spray in an upside-down position is good practice. Upside down position prevents the nozzle from clogging.
  • If you want to store your mist color for longer, wrap the nozzle in a polythene box. It will help to prevent dry spray paint.
  • Store your used paint away from the heat source and extensive sunlight. Otherwise, the combustible material may overheat and make a fire.
  • Keep the warmth of the spray paint storage area from fifty to ninety degrees. Anything less than this can make the paint dry quickly or spoil.
  • Don’t store spray color in too cold temperatures because too cold can increase the thickness of the spray.
  • Preserve your paint away from all types of flammable sources.
  • Also, remember to store your spray paint can get away from small children and pets.
safely store spray paint

Does Storing Spray Paint Correctly Increase its Lifespan?

The lifespan of spray paints and their color depend on a few factors. The condition of the paint, storage procedure, and the production age of spray paints are included in its lifespan. Most spray paint can last 2 years on average if you properly store spray paint in a dry place.

Note that extreme temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight can reduce the lifespan of spray paint. You can make spray paint more prolonged if stored in an upright position. On the contrary, spray paint can easily be damaged if kept near pets and children.

So, you can follow my suggestion. I level the purchase date when I store paint and store used paint in a separate area. Also, I shake the spray bottle very well before use. And I must remember to spray on paper and cardboard for test purposes.

Where Should Not Store Spray Paint?

You should not store spray color paint in extreme temperatures like direct sunlight, oven, or other heat sources. A restricted heat source includes stoves, radiators, sparks, and open flames. The excess hot temperature can occur serious firing.

Besides, it would help if you stored spray paint in a place that children and pets can not easily access. So, store your spray paint in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated area. The garage and basement are some best places to preserve canned spray paint.


Can I Store Spray Paint Inside My House?

There have no specific rules for preserving spray color in an indoor place. Spray paint will work well anywhere if stored properly. The stored spray condition will be good or bad depending on the weather condition of your area.

How Cold Temperature Is Ideal for Painting Storage?

It is good practice to store paint after complete drying. I also do so for my spray painting. Avoid letting it dry in the air because sudden rain and extreme cold can ruin your spray paint. Preserving the spray can in an air-tight case or box is recommended. The spray stored at room temperature should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can You Store Spray Paint On Its Side?

Yes, spray paint can be stored on its side to avoid spilling. It’s safe if you keep it out of direct sunlight and high temperatures. This way, the paint will be prevented from settling and drying out over time.

Can I Store Spray Paint in the Refrigerator or Freezer?

No, this is not recommended. Changes in temperature and air pressure can cause the paint to be less effective.

Final Words

You have learned much about spray paint layering from this “how to store spray paint”.

I wrote this guide from my professional painting experience. So, let me know if you get it convenient. Besides, you can let me know about anything wrong with this guide. I will update this guide with your further requirements.