6 Most Durable Spray Paints for Metal that Will Last for Years

Most durable spray paint for metal

Whether you are a metal worker or a DIY crafter, spray paint is handy to apply on various metal surfaces. Apart from adding an aesthetic appearance, they have higher durability to protect the metal surface for an extended time.

But you need to choose the right product to achieve your objective. Paint may chip off, crack, or swole up when exposed to environmental hazards. That’s why I researched the in-depth market to find the most durable spray paint for metal.

After considering various essential aspects and many verified customer feedback, I chose a few spray paints for metal surfaces. They are all made for a specific aspect. Read this article to find the best one according to project requirements.

What Type of Spray Paint Is Best For Metal?

Spray paint comes in various types. But you can only use some of them for metals. According to many DIY experts, oil-based or hard-wearing enamel spray paint is the best choice for metal.

Though oil-based spray paint takes a little more time to dry than other types, it is highly durable. Marks or stains can merely do any harm to these metal surfaces.

Additionally, the long-lasting coat of color or finish is good at hiding imperfections. Keeping the surface clean for a longer time is also easygoing.

Why Should You Use Spray Paint for Metal?

Here are several reasons why you should consider using spray paint for metal surfaces:

a) Quick drying

Spray paint can provide a smooth and even finish for most metal surfaces. Compared to regular paints, spray paint dries faster for any metal.

b) Protective Qualities

It also creates a thick protective coating layer to protect the metal surface from air, abrasion, heat, impact, and moisture. Many metal spray paints include rust inhibitors and UV-resistant properties,

c) Low Maintenance

Spray paint adheres well to the sheer surface of the metal. Hence, you don’t go for a high-maintenance approach like typical paints. But minimum care is necessary to upkeep the look.

d) Easily Recoatable

Spray paint can be easily sanded and recoated if you decide to change the color or finish in the future.

How Durable Is Spray Paint on Metal?

What is the best spray paint for metal that last long? Hard-wearing enamel spray paint is the best choice for metal due to its extreme durability.

Since this paint is oil-based, it can show a reliable performance even at lower temperatures. Their thick formula can provide extended coverage on the metal surface.

You may don’t need to go for multiple coatings unless the surface has too many flaws or imperfections. Enamel-based spray paint can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

The durability of spray paint depends on its formula, quality, and many other factors. Krylon, Rust-Oleum, Dupli-Color, Steel-It, Majic Paints, etc., are the most popular brands for metal.

Paint TypeDurability
Enamel based spray paint5 to 10 years
Enamel-based spray paint5 to 15 years
Latex spray paint2 to 5 years
Water-based spray paint1 to 3 years

6 Best Durable Spray Paint for Painting Projects

Since not all spray paints adhere well to the surface, you have to be cautious about getting the most durable paint for metal. Here are the six best spray paint for metal I have chosen.

1. Rust-Oleum 7579838 Enamel Spray Paint — Best Pick

Rust-Oleum 7579838 high-performance paint is an excellent choice to transform your old metal surface into a new one. It can quickly provide a quality and durable finish for a few years.

Rust-Oleum 7579838 Enamel Spray Paint

a) Rich Color

This high-quality Rustoleum spray paint for metal can add rich and consistent color to the metal. It is easy to use. Plus, it is available in 16 color options to find desired colors easily.

b) Extremely Durable

The heavy-duty spray paint for metal has an oil-based formula. Its corrosion-resistant properties make it highly durable. It can effectively withstand extreme weather conditions.

c) Efficient Output Tip

This spray paint has a high output that ensures 50% faster coverage. You won’t see any over-spraying, dripping, or running issues. Also, it allows you to spray from a 360° angle.

d) Super Fast Drying

Are you in a hurry? This high-quality spray paint for metal takes only 15 minutes. Its commercial, industrial paint formula can cover up to 14 sq ft with just 15.0 ounces.


  • Single based coating
  • Super durability and glossy finish
  • No dripping or running
  • 15 minutes drying time
  • Easy to apply


  • Chemical resistance is low

For Whom To Use

If you are looking for spray paint with solid coverage and a semi-gloss finish, Rust-Oleum 7579838 is extremely durable and appears a perfect pick. Its finish will be fine even in demanding, heavy-use environments.

2. Steel-It Polyurethane Spray Can— Best Premium Paint

Polyurethane spray paint is a top choice for its extreme durability and high aesthetic appeal. That’s why I have chosen this exceptional product from the Steel-It brand.

Steel-It Polyurethane Spray Can

a) Long-term Protection

This high-quality spray paint adds a thick, protective layer that can last an extended period. It is engineered with industrial-grade paint quality to ensure no damage against corrosion.

b) Welding Compatible

This best black spray paint for metal is welding-compatible. You just need to let it cure appropriately for 5-7 days. The product is versatile enough to utilize for various custom projects.

c) Black Glossy Finish

Steel-It matte black spray paint adds a vivid black glossy finish. It looks aesthetically appealing. Even chemicals, water, abrasion, and temperature will cause minimal harm to it.

d) Different Choices

The product is available in up to 12 cans. Working on small, medium, or large DIY projects won’t be a problem. Just pick the right one based on your painting requirements.


  • Black Glossy finish
  • Vivid and rich color
  • best rust preventative coating
  • Up to 12 cans buying options
  • Industrial-grade paint formula


  • The price could be lower

For Whom To Use

Steel-It polyurethane spray paint is a decent choice for an appealing appearance and durable finish. Literally the best off-road bumper paint on the market. Also Perfect for automotive projects and stainless steel. More importantly, it saves you from buying extra paint.

3. Majic Paints 8-20854-8 Spray Paint — Best Budget Friendly

Are you on a limited budget? If yes, you might be looking for this affordable paint without compromising anything.

Majic Paints 8 20854 8 Camouflage Spray Paint

a) Special Color

This best durable spray paint for metal comes with a special color: earth brown camouflage. It can easily suit any natural background.

b) Excellent Adhesion

Majic Paints 8-20854-8 high-quality spray paint comes with a water-resistant formula to create a rigid bond on the metal surface. Even harsh weather environments can’t affect its durability.

c) Easy To Apply

Generally, the paint requires you to apply light coats. Make sure to dry the first coat properly before applying the second coating. Light sanding between coats is also necessary.

d) Decent Coverage

The Majic Camouflage Paint provides good coverage on metal surfaces. It can dry smoothly and evenly without any flaws. You need to be cautious while applying it since it is slightly softer.


  • Unique color choice
  • Tough bonds
  • Simple painting approach
  • Smooth and decent coverage
  • Affordable pricing


  • A flimsy can, hard to open

For Whom To Use

This remarkable solution shields both wood and metal surfaces from the harsh effects of the environment. It is an excellent choice for safeguarding vehicles, boats, trailers, duck blinds, tree stands, ladders, ladder stands, guns, bows, and an array of other objects. Its versatile application offers a wide range of protective benefits to various surfaces.

4. Dupli-Color Metalcast Automotive Spray Paint — Best All-rounder

Some DIY crafters prefer a metallic appearance when looking for the best spray paint for metal. This Dupli-Color spray paint can provide a great result if you don’t hurry for the job.

Dupli Color Metalcast Automotive Spray Paint

a) Anodized Color Effect

The spray paint adds an anodized color effect with an increased number of high gloss finishes. Additionally, it minimizes or eliminates color variations to ensure a consistent appearance.

b) Highly Heat Resistant

Many users rated it as one of the best outdoor spray paint for metal since it is highly heat resistant. The paint can handle up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature intermittently.

c) Effective Painting System

This Dupli-Color Metalcast spray paint comes with an EZ touch fan spray nozzle. You can spray paint horizontally, vertically, and at any angle. Plus, it requires 50% less finger pressure.

d) Long Term Value

The unit can help the metal surface to maintain a solid metallic appearance for the long term. Apart from lower maintenance costs, it can provide extended value for the metal surface.


  • Authentic metallic sheen
  • Reduced color variations
  • Impressive adhesion
  • Long-term value
  • Reasonable price


  • Not the best option for hiding flaws

For Whom To Use

This Dupli-Color is a great choice for its excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance properties. It is less likely to fade easily and can retain the authentic metallic sheen for a long time.

Any vehicle owner seeking to customize or enhance the appearance of their vehicle would benefit from Dupli-Color Metalcast Automotive Spray Paint. It can also be used on other materials. Its metallic finish makes it an excellent choice for adding a unique touch to home decor, DIY projects, or even crafts.

5. Krylon K09114007 COVERMAXX Spray Paint

Some metallic surfaces require bright color paint. Krylon K09114007 is a decent choice to get excellent rust protection. Also, its quick-drying formula will save you valuable time.

Krylon K09114007 COVERMAXX Spray Paint

a) 2 in 1 product

This Krylon spray paint for metal is suitable for priming as well as painting. Hence, you don’t need to add additional primer. The product itself can handle the job.

b) Convenient Spray Tip

The grey spray paint for metal comes with a conical easy-push spray tip to spray paint smoothly and evenly. Based on the project, this type of cone nozzle can produce mid to bulk-size drops.

c) Super Fast Drying

It is time-consuming to spray paint when working on bulky projects. Surprisingly, its unique formula takes only 10 minutes to dry, quickening your entire painting project.

d) Indoor Or Outdoor Usage

You can use the versatile spray paint for indoor or outdoor metal projects. Ensure to prime the surface properly to prevent rust issues for an extended period.


  • 27 colors and 6 styles
  • 10 minutes drying time
  • Works as primer
  • Simple push spray tip
  • Quick and easy metallic shine


  • A little pricey

For Whom To Use

Krylon COVERMAXX is ideal for DIYers who want various colors and style options for indoor and outdoor usage. Its fast-drying formula can save you time in finishing a project quickly.

6. Rust-Oleum 331182 2X Cover Ultra Cover

Rust-Oleum 331182 can add rich color, a classic look, and a smooth finish to your metal surface. More importantly, this matte black spray paint can provide better coverage than regular paint.

RustOleum 331182 2X Cover Ultra Cover

a) Extended Durability

The reliable spray paint comes with an oil-based formula. It dries much harder. That makes it wear- and tear-resistant. But sanding and priming the surface is necessary for optimal results.

b) Ultra Matte Finish

The unit has an ultra-matte finish. Hence, fingerprints or scratches are less likely to be visible since it adds a natural appearance to the metal surface. Also, the color will be more consistent.

c) Versatile

Rust-Oleum 331182 Painter’s Touch is the best heavy-duty spray paint available in various colors and finishes. You can use them for both interior and exterior purposes. It gives a lot of versatility.

d) Metal Furniture Compatible

Whether traditional outdoor garden furniture or patio furniture, it is one of the best spray paint for metal furniture. It can maintain a long-lasting finish while giving a vivid appearance.


  • Extra coverage
  • Attractive appearance
  • Simple to apply
  • Protective coating
  • Several colors and finishes


  • It may chip off without proper sanding and priming

For Whom To Use

People who want extended and smooth coverage for their interior and exterior metal items, especially outdoor furniture, can consider this option.

Metal Projects You Can Do With Spray Paint

You can use spray paint for various metals such as iron, aluminum, steel, and galvanized. Regardless of the metal type, removing the rust is crucial before applying the paint. Otherwise, the paint won’t adhere properly.

If your aluminum or galvanized metal surface is too old, scratch it up slightly. It will ensure better priming and paint adhesion. Besides, spray paint is ideal for using different metal items, such as chairs, furniture, fence, outdoor furniture, candle stand, etc.

You can liven up the appearance of metal chairs with spray paint. It adds a smooth finish, making it last for an extended period. Outdoor furniture, like patio furniture, is also suitable for spray painting.

Metal Items NameSpray Paint Lastingness
Metal Chairs10 to 15 years
Metal Candle Stand10 to 15 years
Metal Furniture10 to 15 years
Outdoor Furniture5 to 10 years
Metal Fence2 to 3 years

How to Choose the Most Durable Spray Paint for Metal

Not all spray paints will work on metals. The paint you select should be compatible with the surface. Otherwise, they may crack or peel off within a short time. Here are a few crucial factors to consider to get compatible and durable spray paint for metal.

a) Paint Type

Spray paint comes in various types. Choosing the right kind of paint for a particular metal surface is vital. According to most DIY experts, oil-based or hard-wearing enamel paint is the best option.

This paint provides good coverage and dries hard to last long. Also, good at hiding unwanted scratches and stains of old metal.

b) Indoor or Outdoor Items

Some spray paints are specially made for indoor use. They can’t withstand winds, dew, atmospheric moisture, etc. So, choose the spray paint that matches the item’s location.

Generally, outdoor spray paint has water-resistance properties. Different environmental conditions will merely harm the paint.

c) Color and Finish

Spray paint comes in various colors and a few finishes. Choosing a matching color and finish is crucial to ensure an attractive appearance while hiding flaws from the surface.

You can add a high glossy finish to any new metal surface to get an aesthetic vibe. After all, there is nothing to hide. However, flat or matte finishes are better for extreme durability.

d) Durability

Your spray paint should not be prone to scratches, chips, and impacts. It needs to be durable enough to suit any high-traffic area. Water, moisture, or UV rays should not affect them.

You can choose special spray paint that has a long-lasting label. This product is specially made to adhere well to a particular metal surface.

e) Rust Prevention

Rust and corrosion are the primary foes of metal items. Choose a special spray paint for rust prevention if it is likely to be highly exposed to water or moisture.

f) Drying Time

Drying time is an important aspect when choosing spray paint. Metal surfaces generally require several coatings of paint. You need to wait 10-30 minutes between coats.

best durable spray paint for metal

6 Tips for Getting Long-Term Durability on Metal Surfaces

Apart from spray paint quality, a few practical tips can make the paint more durable. Here are a few top techniques you can follow to make the final painting results more long-lasting.

a) Spray Paint from Multiple Directions

Spraying paint from different angles and directions is vital to get complete and even coverage. Don’t stay in a single place to apply paint. Move gradually from one area to another. Otherwise, you may notice patches or missed spots when the paint becomes fully dry.

b) Choose a Compatible Primer

Don’t think choosing a random primer means you got your job done. It needs to be compatible. Only then will it be able to seal the metal surface effectively. Additionally, the painted surface will be less likely to peel off even during humid conditions.

Dupli-Color DAP1689 Sandable Primer

Dupli-Color DAP1689 is a special primer that you can use on various metal surfaces. It allows you to sand easily and helps you get a uniform topcoat. More importantly, the primer has multiple color options, making it versatile for different metal objects.

c) Clean the Nozzle Every Time

Regardless of how long you use the spray paint, thoroughly cleaning the nozzle is mandatory. A small amount of paint may dry inside the nozzle, resulting in clogging.

A clean nozzle will ensure the paint comes out smoothly and evenly. It allows you to spray the paint in your preferred direction and spot.

d) Prepare the Metal Surface

A good surface preparation will make the paint last longer. Clean the metal area properly. Remove all the imperfections from the surface. It will make your painting task easier too.

e) Get Rid Of Rust Deposits

Remove rust deposits before applying the primary paint if you use paint on old metal surfaces. It will ensure better paint adhesion. Also, get rid of any loose or peeling paint.

f) Give Enough Time in Each Step

Applying spray paint on metal surfaces requires enough time for each step. Don’t rush. Take a few minutes, if necessary, to get the best result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use any spray paint on metal?

No, you need to choose a spray paint that adheres well to various metal surfaces and provides durable and attractive painting results.

Is Spray Paint Durable on Metal?

Spray paint can last a long time on various metal objects if you choose the compatible paint and prepare the surface correctly before applying the paint.

Can I Spray Paint Over Painted Metal?

Before spray painting on painted metal, you must remove all rust deposits and loose paints from the surface to ensure better adhesion and a smooth finish.

Which Is the Best Spray Paint for Metal Surfaces?

Oil-based or hard-wearing enamel spray paint is the best choice for metal surfaces due to its impressive adhesion power and long-lasting durability.

Do You Have to Sand Metal to Spray Paint?

If your metal surface has a lot of rust and loose paint, sanding the metal is crucial before applying the spray paint.

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry on Metal?

Depending on the product formula and brand; spray paint generally takes 10 to 30 minutes to dry and can be recoated after 1-2 hours.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the most durable spray paint for metal helps you get your preferred result. I have discussed several high-quality spray paint to use on various metal surfaces. They are the best in different categories.

Rust-Oleum 7579838 is the best overall pick for its extreme durability, easy to applying tip, and reasonable pricing option. If you want to select a premium type of spray paint for metal, Steel-It Polyurethane Spray Paint is a reliable option.

You can pick any option that seems right according to your budget, painting requirements, and other vital aspects. Make sure to prepare the metal surface adequately, keeping enough time at hand. It will help you to get the best outcome within a short time.